Last modified 01/20/2024

Business and IPhone:

For some, the iPhone is not only a tool to be entertained for a while in these times of new digital feats, but it has also been transformed in a very important device for many people who work in the business area.

This has happened not only because it is easier to get the equipment now than it was a few years ago, but, for been in constant development and evolution that have been manifested since it first appear to the public, that now new applications for diverse work areas, even for academic purposes, have appeared. 

However, one of the branches in which iPhone has caught more attention in the world, is in the work of finances. This is because its terminal can be used in different service modalities, in which many companies dedicated to provide information have managed to change its setting to be able to adapt their programs to iPhone’s terminal. 

The same has happened with digital devices of the last generation, which are very much alike iPhone and there are many specialists in this field, who have affirmed that others posses similar services, such as the Black Berry, which has many similarities with iPhone, for example its easy connections and communication possessed by both devices. These similarities make it possible to use a common service, instead of having one program for each, as it used to be when companies made one for each one of their devices. 

However, until now, most of the people involved in business who use some sort of last generation cell phone for their work, are those who use iPhone. This has made it clear that Steve Jobs (director of Apple Company), has successfully achieved his goal of introducing a cell phone in the business world, due to its compatibility with services such as Microsoft Exchange. According to many surveys, it seems that this phone satisfies the business world, because according to many studies, it has overcome many of its competitors, such as Rim, Black Berry, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others. 

One of its most important characteristics to achieve this, is that its interface has been one of the most important aspects for companies, because, thanks to the inclusion of services to third parties, it has been able to increase its usage capacities, for example, YouTube has one of the most important services for this parties, because it was able to hold other companies such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. to use its own application due to the communication between servers, which is why Apple, with many other products, has been able to introduce different services to its cell phone, such as YouTube, that now you can record a video and immediately upload it so other people can see it.

Thanks to this, the upload of videos for mobile devices has increased around 400 %. Still, there are many more applications that can be given to this original cell phone, but it is necessary to break up a little bit the restrictions that it holds.

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