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In recent years technology has advanced so great, that we seldom realize about the great achievements and benefits it gives us. In less than 10 years, mobile phones have evolved, so they have passed from large heavy and expensive to become light aircraft with a thousand applications like tv, games, music, radio, videos and Especially the unlimited internet connection.
Today’s mobile phones are like miniature computers That fit in pockets, there is the saying that if a computer has Internet That is not a computer. Over time computers are left behind and way for laptops, tablets and smart phones opens. Currently there is no person who does not have a cell phone. Also using the internet is basic and vital where you are. This faculty has developed through the internal wireless called Wi-Fi, which works with a router with an antenna installed. All this equipment allows us to use the Internet wirelessly.
Almost all the places on the planet have a router because it has become a basic necessity. Given this, the use of the cellular Wi-Fi, must be protected with a password So that is theft preventer in the Internet system. You can use it on your phone Automatically for you to have Internet service wherever you are stand with tour device.
Depending on the device you have Mobile Internet speed is variable some companies have a monthly fee you have to pay to get it. Also get Internet service through a satellite, which works differently, but also helps you to navigate wherever you are with a good sign. The speed will depend on the quality of your phone. For example if you have a phone with 2G speed, then there will be very fast. While using a 3G phone makes your phone allows you to browse any good site much faster.
To be connected to Wi-Fi from your phone, you should seek the Wi-Fi option on your phone, looking for a signal and finally write the password and you check for the signal. In that way you may have connected to the Internet via your smart phone while you’re in the area of signal you can use the Internet and navigate without any problems all the time you need.
Do not forget that such advanced technology can also cause damage to your health, so remember to always exercise to keep in shape, and do not let technology run your life until you become dependent on them. Otherwise if you do not have a smart phone with Wi-Fi, wait no longer, it is extremely important to be connected and have contact with other parts of the world where you live.
Life becomes much easier if you connect from somewhere that you thought impossible in reality like the beach. It can also be achieved through a USB type device .That allows you to stay connected at every moment.
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