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message of thanks for coming to funeral,text of thanks for coming to funeralHow to write a thank you note after a funeral :

Have you ever gone to a funeral and you were amazed to see many people there? The amount of people at a funeral allows us to deduce how appreciated the dead person was and how much pain this loss is causing to the people around.


There are some people who during his short or long life can establish really good friendships and relationships with many people in many places at the same time, and leaving a big empty space. Sometimes we do not know how important a beloved person for many people is until he dies suddenly over night.

The loss of a member of our family left us a big empty space on our souls. However, the presence of our family and friend and also the cheering up words coming from the friends and people known by the person who passed away somehow make us feel a little better.

On a really sad day like a funeral, we absolutely realize how many people shared a happy moment with our beloved person already gone, and also they are sharing with us a painful moment. For that reason, as proof of courtesy and also like a way to feel a little better about the loss of a member of our family, we must say thanks with a letter or a card to those people who were there for us on that so hard moment in our life.

The funeral of a beloved person is one of the hardest times a family can possibly pass through. The pain is so big that it does not allow us to thank the known and unknown people who were next to us saying nice words and feeling our own sadness. However, we can do something really nice to honor the memory of our beloved person already gone; we must thank, on his name, to all those people who were right there at the funeral and offered us a friendly hand to help with anything we need.

There are many ways to say thanks to those people who were with us at the funeral. We can express our thanks through the newspaper, maybe on the radio or TV; it can be done also with a nice letter or a personal card. Generally, the cards already bring with them some nice words to thank, but it would be better if we write some nice words to thanks those people from the bottom of our hearts.

Now, how to elaborate those kind of letters or card? We can write them with our own hand or also we can make them with the help of the computer and later we can print them nicely. You must use totally white paper and also you should try to print or add a picture of the dead person. About what the letter or card must contain, you must include a short description of the dead person during many of his nice times step by step. If you remember any anecdote between the dead person and the people who will receive the letter, then you do not doubt about write it, that way can relate this person with a nice moment together.

Next we will offer you an example to write a letter to thank those people who were at the funeral of some beloved person for us:

                                                                                         London, July 11th, 2010

Sr. Viktor Moore

Dear Mr. Moore :

The first time that I tried to write this letter, it was so hard for me to do it, because it came to my mind many memories with my father Tito and instantaneously the tears appeared to cover my face. However, when I remembered the times my father used to tell me some nice stories about the good friendship with you, I felt a little better to write this letter for you.

My father used to talk about you, about your adventures when you were teenagers and about your reunion, long time after, when you two were already married. For that reason, the when I saw you at the funeral of my father, it was nice to know that my father was not wrong when he used to tell us that you were like his own brother and he knew that you would never disappoint him no matter what.

I feel really proud to know that my father was a great man, that he spent great moments along with good friends like you. I am totally sure you know this, just like me, my father was a good son, a good father, a good husband, a good brother and of course a good friend.

I must confess that the moment when I see you at the street, I will absolutely remember everything about my father and that way it will look like he is still with us right here. Thanks for being with me on that so hard day to me, my mother and my brothers. God bless you today and forever.


Adrian Gore

In conclusion, there is a really popular saying: you will only know how important for the community a man was on the day of his funeral. For that reason, the family of the beloved person who passed away must remember this; there is no better way to honor a dead person than the fact of saying thanks personally or with a letter to those people who were at the funeral .

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