Best internet security software

Programs to increase the security level while you are surfing the internet : It is really common to suffer some attacks of different kinds of virus when you use the famous internet explorer. Between the most famous viruses we can find the Trojans, spam and the well-known spywares which are the commonest problem of any computer. …

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Which are the best programs to protect our files with a password

How to password protect and lock folder : The current information has become really important these days lately for a great amount of people. Likewise, the privacy of the confidential documents is absolutely relevant for the countries, for that reason the computer scientists have been developing some programs which allow you to keep safe the …

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Danger of Peer to Peer nets

Dangers of downloading files through Peer to Peer nets : Nowadays, Internet has become a mass costume, making it almost impossible to move forward without tasks without using a PC with Internet connection. But this, at the same time, has certain disadvantages, because there are more and more the dangers that surfing in the Internet …

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