Last modified 01/24/2024

How to recover erased SMS’ and even the contact list of a SIM card :

simcardA SIM card is an intelligent plaque that is used in mobile phones to store the password of the service the user is subscribed at, meaning the phone number. Low – priced cards usually store a reduced amount of memory, between 2 and 3 KB, which is good enough to store a contact list and a few text messages; but this segment of the mobile phones that use a little bit of memory is declining, the modern equipments count with their own memory, whether it can be from SD memory cards or memory sticks.

But, at the same time, they can also work with SIM cards from 512 KD up to SIM cards with extended memory to 1GB. Despite their increased capacity, these cards are not very popular, because it is much more comfortable to carry the memory integrated to the cell phone.
However, even the current SIM cards suffer from data loss, due to a change in their voltage, been dropped, magnetisms or problems in the equipment itself. This is why, as a safety measure, software that recover the data lost in the memory cards have been created.

These software works with the aid of a computer. For example, the SIM Card Data Recovery software, can recover any text message that has been eliminated from the SIM card, through a meticulous search it can restore all the suppressed messages, erased numbers and the corrupt or damaged phone numbers. In some cases, it will not be possible, if the card has been banned or blocked for not using a valid PIN code.

This software guarantees that the data is going to be recovered, even if the information is invisible.
In order to be able to use it, a USB SIM Card Reader PC / SC cable is needed, so it is connected directly in the cell phone and in the computer. It is also necessary to have the Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT/Server 2003/98 or Vista operative system installed in any of its versions Basic, Premium or Ultimate. I was also able of providing information about the provider, as well as its identification number. It can be downloaded from this link: (

Another software specialized in recovering contact data or messages from the SIM card if the SIM CARD DATA RETRIEVAL UTILITY. This tool works in a similar way than the other one; it can recover any information stored in the SIM card, such as recordings, text messages, deleted contact lists, etc. But it cannot recover the information stored in the cell phone.

It can also recover the ICC – ID number, as well as the provider’s number. This software can only be used in Windows XP/2000/NT/Server 2003/98/Vista/Windows 7 operative systems. It used a GUI graphic interface which is very easy and intuitive to use, for which it is not very complicated to use it. It can be downloaded from its homepage from this link: (

Finally, I would recommend you to take good care of you SIM card. If you store valuable information on it, it would be better if you copy the information of the SIM card someplace else or do some backup of the information in the equipment. It is also important to be careful about where you leave your device at; placer near water or hot places, like near an oven, can be dangerous for both, the SIM card and the equipment.

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