Last modified 10/05/2023

How to password protect and lock folder :

The current information has become really important these days lately for a great amount of people. Likewise, the privacy of the confidential documents is absolutely relevant for the countries, for that reason the computer scientists have been developing some programs which allow you to keep safe the documents stored on a computer, of course with a respective password access.

Next we will make mention of some program which are considered as the best ones to increase the security level on our files with a password.

Criptod : Is a program with a really easy to handle interface, which allow you to pick the destiny document you want to keep safe by adding to it a specific password. This application works with a file codification process through binary logical symbols, which allow you to establish more than one password to the file codification.

It is also important to mention that the Criptod is an absolutely free program and it does not affect the performance of the system.

Folder Vault : It is another program used commonly to keep a tight security on our files and private documents. Its good interface helps to assign the fastest way, the documents and files we want them to add a new password. Folder Vault can hide any kind of file or document, even programs if the user wants to, besides it offers an option to block the system after some failed tries with wrong passwords.

Revosoft Cache : Is a free tool which can save the confidential documents and files of the user. This program can establish passwords for each file stored on the hard disk, besides it can increase the security on our files with the option called hide files; so that way the hackers and other kind of bad people would not be allow to take a look on our private files so easily.

Revosoft cache will make the chosen file disappear, so it would not be by the base system MS – DOS. It counts with a nice interface and with the necessary tools to create some good passwords.

WinGuard : It will allow us to protect any program, document or important file on our hard disk with a respective password. It also can use the program to block the principal desk, the keyboard and the mouse. It offers an option password establishment, this option allow you to access to the system in case you want a totally equipped security system on the computer. To develop each one of the applications, WinGuard offers a nice and easy to handle interface.

KPKFile : It is a free licensed application which helps us to protect any type of file or document on our system through the password cryptography process. It counts with a direct interface to receive any kind of documents; after that, those documents will be encoded safely and later so the crtptography process will be successfully done.

Disk password protection : It develops the same activities as the security systems mentioned before. But the difference is that the Disk Password Protection can encrypt through passwords, any kind of file groups on any partitioned side of the hard disk drive and at the same time it looks for those on the system, later it encrypts the chosen file groups with binary code so after that it can establish the respective password which will be the one you can use to have access to any information on the files.

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