God phrases

Best God Phrases for Facebook

Free God Phrases for Facebook: God is everywhere. He loves us as his children because we are his best creation. This world is too perfect for us to believe it was created on its own. God created this world. He created us to live in this world happily and peacefully. Believing in God means believing …

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Daily God Phrases for Facebook

Free List of Daily God Phrases for Facebook: Are you among those who like to write phrases on their friends’ Facebook walls? Just like you, millions of people post all kinds of phrases on their contacts’ Facebook accounts daily. Facebook is a good place to inform and let others know our thoughts and what is …

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New God Messages

Beautiful God phrases God is our loving Father who is in heaven, he is the one who created the entire universe, including our world and ourselves and so he feels a great love for all of us. He expects us to be able to repent for our sins and that we turn to Him with …

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