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How to get friendship back free tips :

We need a friend’s voice when we go through bad times, and their company cheers us up in good times. We all have at least one friend we can trust, someone we can tell our deepest secrets, someone that will always tell us the truth, no matter how hard it is, for our own good.

Friendships are like that; true friends are sincere above all and want the best for us. We humans go through life and fail several times, but we can learn valuable lessons from our mistakes. In a moment of anger and rage we can do foolish things like ruining a friendship.

Did you say or do something that hurt your friend and they do not want to see you anymore? In this article we provide you with some strategies to get your friendship back. We hope they are useful to get that friend we still need.

The way to work things out is by looking :

If you have known the friend you had a fight with for a long time, you surely keep some object that makes you remember them. In order to get their friendship back, you could send or show them that object and apologize for your mistake.

For example, you could sent them via social networks like Facebook or Twitter a picture from when you both were little children and played together; you could comment on it and write something like “If we were so happy when we were friends, why stop?” .

These visual objects will automatically bring to mind images of moments you spent together, especially if they were nice.

Your attention, please :

Another strategy to get a friendship back is to apologize publicly and acknowledge you made a mistake. If you ruined your friendship in front of other people, your friend was surely embarrassed.

The best you can do to amend the situation is apologize in front of those people. Thus, your friends will realize you are brave enough to admit your error publicly and that your apology is sincere. Posting your confession on Facebook or Twitter will also let other people you both know to learn about it.

Surprise :

A nice surprise is another strategy to get a friendship back. If they are true friends, then you will know about their tastes and preferences. For instance, if your friend is a football fan, buying them a t-shirt from their favorite team is a good idea, or buying stadium tickets (as long they are from the same team) to see a match will be the perfect opportunity to smooth things over.

If your friend likes music and dancing, then give them a record by their favorite artist, or invite them to a concert or a discotheque to dance. You will both have time to talk things over and reconsider the idea of being friends again.

These strategies to get a friendship back will only help if you first admit your mistakes and are sincere in wanting to get back that friend you love so much.

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