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How to make friends fast if you are new at Twitter :

Social networks like Twitter have started a new communications era. Some people like to use this network to keep in touch with certain organizations or people they are interested in. Others simply want to find friends to talk to. Whatever your reason may be, Twitter can be very helpful.

Although many people have a Twitter account nowadays and know how to use it properly, there is a group of people who still do not know how this network functions. Several people have a Twitter account, but do not understand how to use it.

They realize many messages are posted daily but none are for them, or they see time go by and they still have no friends to share information with. In this article we will tell you how to make friends quickly if you are new at Twitter. This information will be very helpful for you.

Search bar :
Twitter has a search bar which you can use to locate people or organizations you like. In this bar you must enter that person or organization’s name, and all those which have that name will be immediately displayed in the left hand side.

You can enter names of your friends, famous artists, television programs, university, school and more. If you want to contact that person, just click on “follow” and you will immediately appear in their account. Other users that follow this account will also want to be your friends.

Whom must I follow? :
This is another Twitter option to make friends. Upon clicking on this option, Twitter will recommend people to follow based on your latest searches and the preferences mentioned in your profile. Another advantage for this option is that you can select a topic that interests you and find people who think like you do.

The most frequent topics are movies, official accounts, music, football, organizations, literature and more. Once you have found what you were looking for, you only have to “follow” that account and send “tweets” so that other people will want to answer or comment your messages.

Tweets :
Writing “tweets” on our status is a good choice to start making friends. In your first “tweets” talk about your status, your preferences or what you are looking for. Thus, people with your interests will want to contact you.

If you are already following someone and are interested in one of their “tweets”, you can “retweet” that message, and your followers can see the contents of that message and so will its followers, and many people will form a chain that will probably comment it with you if they also find it interesting. Another way to make friends is to respond to other people’s commentaries.

By answering someone’s “tweet” you make it possible for other followers of that account to comment your answer, and so there is a chance for them to become your friends.

These are just a few ways to make friends quickly if you are new at Twitter. To find out other ways so do so, visit Twitter’s official website

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