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sample letters asking the boss for a raise,how to write a letter to ask for an increase for my wages,sample letter of pay increase request,sample letter for salary increase,sample salary increase letterHow to ask for a salary raise,sample letter asking for salary increase ,how to write a letter to ask for an increase for my wages :

Getting a salary raise these days is not an easy task. Many people, who ask for a salary raise to their boss, usually end up getting a negative answer or even an advice to look for another job if they are not happy with the amount of the salary.

However, if we really believe that we deserve a salary raise because our development at the company is successfully good, then we must do it, because if we ask for a salary raise with good manners and a positive spirit, we will get one. Of course the best way to ask for a salary raise is through a well explained letter.

But before asking for a salary rise you must think about the reason why you are doing it. Remember that the reason must be the proofs of your professional achievements and goals at the company which will show how good your development at the job is. Many people think that they deserve a salary raise because they work extra hours or because they just were working for the same company for many years. To ask for a salary raise we must be sure that our development at the company is more than just good.

Also, there are not many people who obtain a salary raise, because not many people really deserve it. If you absolutely know that your contributions to the company were better than just regular like the others, you achieved your objectives at the company, you got awards and even got a promotion, then you absolutely deserve that salary raise and I recommend you to talk with your closest boss about it because in these cases, the clock is already ticking and if you do not let them know about your situation and stay with a low profile, then they just will ignore you.

If you are a good worker and you know you are an important piece for the company, then your boss will have to help you to obtain that salary raise. By the way, you must know the right time when you can ask for a salary raise. Generally, it is recommendable to ask for it before the end of the year, exactly before the company check the incomes of the year, by the other hand, you better do not ask for a salary raise during the middle of the years or worst, at the beginning of the year, because your request will be ignored or they will forget about it. Likewise, it is important to take advantage of any promotion or the adding of new activities out of you regular development.

You must find out the right person, who will receive your request. On the big companies, they usually write a letter explaining the reason why they deserve a salary raise but the opposite happens with the small companies, they must ask for a salary raise personally, I mean face to face with the boss.

Finally, do not forget to think about the real reason why you must obtain a salary raise and why you need it. Also you better do not act like you are totally broke or you are having many financial problem at home , you should explain your real reasons and that way the boss will understand clearly about you current situation.

Here I will show you some examples of a letter to ask a salary raise:

New England, November 8th, 2010

Mister :Hermes Norton
General Manager
Publishing Company Mundo

Dear Mr. Norton:

Through this letter I would like to let you know about my salary raise request, when I was hired as Marketing Assistance Employee of the Economical Section, in 2006, the contract said that the company has a commitment with me to increase my salary when the first year was successfully done. Since then, I have been performing my duty efficiently (you must add the proofs of your good development) and even the past year I was promoted as chief of Marketing Assistance of the Economical Section, a new responsibility I took with proud and happiness.

However, my salary keeps the same way since the last 3 years, for that reason, I ask you to check carefully my career line on the company and the amount of my salary.

Waiting for your sooner answer, I shall say good bye and thanks for your time.


James Towers
Chief of the Marketing Assistance Department

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how to write a letter to ask for an increase for my wages,sample letter of pay increase request,sample letter for salary increase,sample salary increase letter

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