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Choosing the right People for a Job: Personnel Selection Internet Guide
Every company or maybe organization that wants to hire a certain number of people must develop the right process of selection. This actually means, the company must follow some specific steps and phases, so at the end, the company will be able to hire the right people to occupy the vacant places at the offered job.

The person who wants to obtain the offered job will have to show on every phase of the selection process that he or she is has the right qualities and enough knowledge to develop correctly the activities and difficulties that may appear at the offered job.

But there is something important to say, not all of the companies or organizations develop the same selection process, actually in the most of the cases, when there is no much time to spend, the companies use to decrease the time taken by the process and the selection may not offer the expected results.

The selection process begins when a person whoever look for a job and it ends up when the company hires him or not, depending on the vacant place and the right requirements.
However, some people who know a lot about human resources say that the process begins when the vacant place has been offered through the newspaper, the radio, on TV etc, and the correct explanation of the offered job like the necessary qualities and a certain knowledge level. Others say that it begins when the company has gathered enough information about all the people and a short process will offer the right results.

But the truth is, the selection process means that the company or the person in charge of that job has to follow the right steps to expect some good results. The steps or phases of the selection process are: analyzing the curriculum vitae, previous interview, the choosing interview, the psychological tests, the knowledge tests, work researching, health exams, the final interview. If the steps mentioned before were successfully done, then the company must proceed and offer a contract with the right information about the vacant place at the company and the person will put his signature on it
– Analyzing the curriculum vitae: This phase means when you check the information of each person attempting to the vacant place. Here you must choose those curriculums which contain the necessary information according with the job.
– Previous interview: This step is when you have on your sight the possible candidates, checking their physical characteristics, their expression skills, their self-sufficiency, their education and personality. Also it will allow you to talk to the candidates about the schedule and the salary, so the people according with those conditions can continue with the process and the rest can leave the place.
– The choosing interview: With this phase you will find the knowledge and the skills of the candidates, like their experience and previous works references, this interview has three phases: rapport, top and close. The first phase establishes a relaxed and attractive environment with no pressure. You can talk about any topic, of course nothing about job, in the second phase start the questions about knowledge, hobbies, projects and candidate’s work experience and the third one has to put an end to the interview.
– The psychological tests: Of course with these tests you can evaluate the candidate’s personality and if it is the right choice for the company.
– The knowledge tests: It is not often but these tests are developed by the boss of the job; those tests challenge your skills, capacities, and attitude. So the boss can know if you are the right one or not. These tests include topics like general culture, professional culture and foreign languages.
– The work researching: This is an important phase when you check on the references, it generally includes some personal references, academic references and previous jobs.
– The health exams: It determinates if the person has the right condition to occupy the vacant place on the company, if the candidate is not a healthy person, that means he or she will be absent in many occasion, losing productivity, a low performance and high expenses.
– The final interview: Finally, when you and the candidate for the vacant place a final interview; here you will inform to the candidate about the activities needed by the company. Finally you will ask him a number of documents and extra information about him.

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