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Reflections for Facebook, The Best Reflections for Facebook, Nice Reflections for My Status on FacebookThe Best Reflections quotes for Facebook:

Most internet users already have a Facebook profile. Thanks to Facebook we can keep in touch with our friends and be updated on what is happening to all of us.

For many people, Facebook is the ideal place to talk with friends, share moments and find people with our same hobbies or preferences. Thousands of people write phrases on Facebook daily to express love and happiness. However, Facebook also helps express other equally important topics. Through Facebook you can help your friends become aware of their behavior and reflect on what they did wrong.

Do you want something to write to make your friends reflect about their actions? In this article there are some reflections for Facebook. Send these phrases as SMS to all your Facebook friends and make them ponder for a moment on what they must improve in their lives.

Nice Reflections for My Status on Facebook:

– “We sometimes make mistakes without realizing it, but if someone comes and tells you, do not be offended or reproach them for it. In the end, they do you well when they want you to be aware of your mistakes.”
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– “Nobody is perfect. We all fail at some point, but if we really want to grow, we must improve ourselves and correct our mistakes.”
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– “You will find love again if you promise you will trust that person completely next time. You must leave mistrust and jealousy behind if you want to fall in love again.”
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– “A lie, big or small, will always end up in a farce. If you really love those around you, tell them the truth always.”
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– “Keep other people´s respect by behaving properly. Do not let yourself get carried away by things that are easy. Things that are worth the while are always hard to get.”
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– “Crying sometimes helps us realize what we have done and the pain we caused. The first step to get back up again is being sorry for our bad actions. Do so and your spirit will be comforted.”
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– “Do not doubt love for a minute. Thanks to that beautiful feeling many wars have ended, and it unites good hearted people.”
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– “If you let your parents down, tell them how sorry you are, look into their eyes and promise them it will never happen again. That is a good start.”
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– “Regret what you did wrong and what you did not do. Give yourself a chance and do right already. Trust yourself.”
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– “If someone who used to love you does not feel anything for you today, it might be because you did something they might never forgive. Think about it and beg their pardon.”
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We hope you liked these reflections for Facebook. Remember: pondering our actions is essential to be better people.

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Reflections for Facebook, The Best Reflections for Facebook, Nice Reflections for My Status on Facebook

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