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In this page we present to you many samples about resume personal profile samples,professional profile samples in resumes,samples of professional profile,that you can use and put on your Resume,It’s free ! :

Personal profile samples for resume 1:

I am a Professional in Finances and International Businesses with labor experience in the area Coordination of projects.
I am a focused professional to results, maintain excellent relations interpersonal and great capacity to work individually in interdisciplinary equipment or.

My profile thisfocused to work of field and handling of personnel. I have a high sense of commitment with the assigned functions and a high degree of responsibility and easy interpretation of the organizational policies, perfected in more than 10 years of labor experience at public and deprived level.

Personal profile samples for resume 2:
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, MIT, interested in expanding professional experience relating to my career, whether in the area of control, automation, telecommunications or other related fields, proven communication skills, teamwork and achieving goals, proactive, responsible, creative, timely and identified with the company.

Personal profile samples for resume 3:

Architectural & Mechanical Designer. I have knowledge in modern architecture and transact on public works, as well as mechanical design.
My experience has been in various real estate, one of them was doing Projects formats for public works, guidelines.
On the other hand I am a person who is accustomed to working together, getting results, work under pressure, analytical and able to adapt to face challenges.

Personal profile samples for resume 4:

A senior engineer with with more than 15 years experience working in the telecoms industry. During this period I have been involved in development, integration, support and supply for GSM, TDMA, GPRS and UMTS systems.

During the past 7 years I have specialized in Charging Solutions ( Prepaid platform )and SACC solutions providing systems integration and solution support services to a wide range of operators worldwide (England,Australia,Usa,Canada,Spain,Italy).
A consulting approach and high level of efficiency under pressure is normal baseline to obtain successful result and achieve customer satisfaction as a main objective.

Personal profile samples for resume 5:

Senior MBA highly skilled in needs assessment, strategic planning, establishing priorities and delegating tasks, motivating teams to reach for their best, and following through to ensure success.
More than ten years experience in training, development and delivery, motivation and team building/leadership, general and technical project management, product marketing and management, negotiation, and mediation.

A dynamic speaker, trainer and presenter, skilled in employing clarity and innovation to deliver effective presentations to diverse audiences at all organizational levels,analytical problem solver expertise.

Personal profile samples for resume 6:

Electronic engineer with 10 years of experience on BSC3i high capacity of Nokia, Comissioning and Integration, Rehoming of BTS, Change Delivery, integration of BSC, MNS handling.
Knowledge of microwaves PDH and SDH,5 years of experience handling of the operation and maintenance of RBS 882/884  Ericcsson, blocked detection of faults, channels, test of devices, systems of antennas and external alarms.

Personal profile samples for resume 7:

I am an engineer in telecommunications and electronics, graduating in Cornell University (USA), I have five years of work experience in the field of optical networks and technical support. I have a command of spoken and written English, plus basic knowledge of French. I am from Italy and living in Rome now. I am very interested to work in your company.

Personal profile samples for resume 8:

Industrial  engineer delivering strong operating and financial results, in world-class international manufacturing operations.

Astute, confident management professional attuned to the changing needs of business. Results oriented Professional with 15 years of successful and progressive experience in Operations, Engineering, Quality and Purchasing management, with a solid track record , Special ability to identify and modify areas in need of improvements.

Demonstrated skills in partnering solutions with organizational strategies, operations, and goals. Bilingual English-French.

Personal profile samples for resume 9:

Industrial Engineer with ten years of experience in the Pork meat industry. Also skilled in research and development activities in the food processing industry. With knowledge and practical experience in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Health and Safety and CAD design. Fluent in English,French,Italian and Spanish.

Personal profile samples for resume 10:

Inside my experiences, skills and competitions as Marketing product manager it is important to highlight the high performance in the processes directed towards the education of the French,Italian and German language , but i can work on any field if i want.

Inside my values they find the honesty, the sincerity, the service and the transparency; which have helped me to support good interpersonal relations and to enrich furthermore my personal and professional life.

Personal profile samples for resume 11:

A dynamic and hard-working Electronics Systems Engineer. I have spent the last ten years working closely with Manufacturing Processes and performing activities, such as Manufacturing and Quality Systems, Process Engineering & Project Leading.
Really motivated and always ready to learn new things,proven leadership abilities in working as a team, handling multiple tasks, great adaptability to any enterprise’s environment.

Personal profile samples for resume 12:

Computer science analyst, designer, programmer, with experience in all phases of software life cycle, using several methodologies, programming languages and platforms.

Personal profile samples for resume 13:

Economist with over 20 years of professional and academic experience. Strong in econometrics, assessing financial risk, economic and financial analysis, M&A, financial engineering, financial instruments valuation, investments and financial and operational risk management. Strong analytical skills, detailed oriented, team player, outgoing and hard worker. Fluent in English and German.Good interpersonal relations .

Personal profile samples for resume 14:

Management expertise in marketing, public relations, communications, social responsibility, alliances, media relations, and special events for international financial, cosmetics,software and Petroleum companies, among others. Skills: Negotiation, project management, strategic thinker, organized, close attention to detail, entrepreneur, reliable, providing measurable results.

Personal profile samples for resume 15:

Arquitect with 20 years experience in building and remodelling of homes and facilities ,registry constructions sites with government approvals ,document and approve building plans thru registries.
Goal- oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities ,organized highly motivated, and detail directed problem solver.

Personal profile samples for resume 16:

Industrial Management Engineer from Bocconi University (Milan-Italy). Oral and written English,Italian,French and German academic studies focused on the development of new procedures on field work, staff and resources management to implement efficient and effective work to achieve company objectives and customer satisfaction based on continuous improvement.

Personal profile samples for resume 17:

Mechanical Engineer graduated from Sidney University in Australia,with great experience and skill using all kinds of tools of the metal mechanics area. More than ten years of experience like welder, mechanic of montage and industrial maintenance fields. Great skill of work in heights and risky environments. Hardworking highly responsible with the work, high capacity of teamwork and a strong commitment with the safety procedure. Ability to talk in English,Spanish and Italian . Excellent interpersonal skills.

Personal profile samples for resume 18:

Business administration expert technician with great interest in the fields of human resources, creating projects to administrative and occupational health standards, as well as in the area of accounting firms, financial and operating positions with multicultural experiences with skills in making , teamwork, responsibility and delegation of the same, and communication skills, leadership.

Personal profile samples for resume 19:

A self motivated person who likes the team work. Like everything related to technology and new media. Like to surf on the web, researching and extracting important information for my daily activities. A hospitable, good manners person always responsable with people around me, and always in the mood of meet new people and new thought.

Personal profile samples for resume 20:

I am an Information Technology Engineer, with ten years of experience in Computer´s Maintenance, and Electrical equipment´s maintenance ,I speak (English, spanish,Italian,French ), I think it will be an asset for you and me to colaborate each other since I can contribute with your company in several ways, the reason why I need this opportunity is because I would like to know other companys for professional growth .

Personal profile samples for resume 21:

Industrial Engineer proactive, dynamic, able to work under pressure and adapt to change, availability of labor to travel on weekends if required, I feature in the performance of maintenance plans taking into account policies of industrial safety and hygiene SHA, implementation plans on optimization of production costs, ease of work in numerous group and personal, interpretation of drawings simple, easy to interact and communicate in public, knowledge-oriented implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance as well as smaller more appropriate .

Personal profile samples for resume 22:

Industrial Engineer enthusiastic worker with experience in planning and development of projects of control and automation.

Effective and positive team player known for contributing effective creative solutions as well as technical ability. Able to give and embrace constructive criticism while working in a team environment towards a common goal.
Effective listener/communicator and fast diligent learner, hungry of knowledge ,productive worker under pressure and highly motivated.

Personal profile samples for resume 23:

High profile commercial skills, persistent, very creative, great capacity forlearning quickly. Deep knowledge of the Andalusian Industrial Sector. Used towork with targets and able to work independently and with initiative. Enthusiastic.Large capacity for human relationships. Sales oriented person and broadexperience in sales.

Personal profile samples for resume 24:

I have two and a half years of experience in the education sector as a professor, and a year and a half of experience in the technology sector where I work as director of information and communications technologies, and now with my masters in international business  I intend to work in the exports area.

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