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The recommendation letter is one of the most valuable documents when applying for a job. Behind a job offer, there a hundreds of people with studies and interesting curriculums.

However, counting with a recommendation letter can be a great advantage for the applicant. The recommendation letter is a letter in which a person recommends another, standing out his or her professional and personal skills to occupy a determined job position.

Writing a recommendation letter in anything but simple, because its content must show a great knowledge about the virtues of the person you are going to recommend. This is why, in most cases, the one who is writing the recommendation asks the one who is been recommended to write a draft of the recommendation letter, because no one knows best his or her profile but hum or herself.

Applicants for job positions are advised to prepare their recommendation letters in advance. The day, in which a company requests a recommendation letter, it would be much better if he or she had a list of contacts who could sign these recommendation letters. This list must include people with whom he or she has established some type care and professional relationship with, meaning teachers, friends, co – workers, direct bosses, but never family members.

For the ones in charge of selecting the staff, the most valuable recommendation letters are the ones signed by the applicant’s direct bosses, because they were the ones in charge of supervising and evaluating their laboral performance. Because the most important part of a recommendation letter is the signature, it is not necessary to include a list of the applicant’s skills in relation to the job he or she is applying for.

It is very ought to happen that we think that getting someone to sign a recommendation letter is difficult. However, we can obtain a positive letter if we manage to make the person we are requesting a signature from to feel that his or her signature is very important for us, in order to get ourselves hired in the position we aim.

What must always be taken into consideration is that the person that recommends us before a company must be someone related to the area or position we are applying for. A recommendation letter must stand out qualities such as: honesty, initiative, punctuality, dynamism, responsibility and loyal, among others.

Remember that a recommendation letter must not be filled with compliments or present false information about the applicant, because that will make the reader question the credibility of the one recommending the applicant and the applicant’s.

A good recommendation letter must gather the following requirements:

–         The letter must begin with the name of the company to which the worker is applying to. In case there is not a specific company, he or she can write the phrase: “To whom it may concern”.

–         The purpose or objective of the recommendation letter must be explained and the name of the recommended person must be written.

–         Finally, the writer must thank the reader for dedicating time to read the letter, place the name, charge, current job, telephone and signature of the person the writer is recommending.

Here you will see a model of a recommendation letter:

Location and date

Mr. Hiring Company (or To Whom It May Concern)


Through this letter I address myself to you with the purpose of presenting Mr. ………………………………………………… whom I have the satisfaction to know for five years now and recommending him for knowing him as an efficient worker and decent man.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mr.……………………………………………. for tree years in the company ………………………… in which I was a witness of his responsibility, wide knowledge and dedication towards the charge of management professional.

I have written this recommendation letter by request of Mr.…………………………..

Sincerely yours

Mr. ………………………………..

Supervisor Polypropylene Sacks Fabric

Telephone: 655 8333

Summing it up, ideas to write a recommendation letter miht vary according to the work area to which the applicant is applying and the point of view of the person who is writing it.
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sample reference letter family member,model letter,Recommendation Letters,Reference Letters

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