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Download files stored in your PC from another PC anywhere in the world :

Nowadays, the Web contains a diverse amount of websites in which you can store any type of file, such as movies, music, documents and any kind of applications, which can be downloaded anytime and anywhere. 

The only limitation that this kind of service has is that there is always a space limit for your data storage. Usually, the sites that offer this kind of service for free provide, approximately, a space of 2 GB. This makes it impossible to store any big files, such as a DVD, some high definition movie or some game with high graphic performance. 

What these sites do is give us a monthly rate so we can enlarge our space and not even then it counts with some necessary complements for us to be satisfied with this service, such as having to be uploading our files constantly, without the possibility to synchronizing our data from our PC. 

But, happily, this is not the only method there is to be able to store information and download it from anywhere. There is also the remote connection between PC, the only requirement is to have Internet connection, it is not necessary to be subscribed in any website that provides the storage service for a rate. 

The first step to do this is to create a profile in LogMeIn, this web site provide a secure remote connection service from any navigator (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), this service is totally secure and it has support for the whole world, with more than 30 million logged users in the planet. 

What comes next is that, after logging in the website, we have to go into the site, this web site allows us to transfer files between two PC’s, using the Peer to Peer net; you only have to indicate in the website which is the file that you wish to transfer, after a few seconds, the website will provide us a link to download the file, link that we will use from the computer in which we want to download it later. To download the file, the process is a lot like the other one, you only have to go to, select the “Receive File” option and click where it says: “Browse” and select the folder in which you will like the file to be stored in the PC and accept. Once the file download is over, they will be at your complete disposition, stored in the PC you used to access to you remote PC. 

Using this method you will reduce considerably the time you spend transferring files between two PC’s. This is possible due to the fact that downloading a file is done directly from your PC and not through an Internet server. Besides, the space, which used to be limited in other servers, is not anymore, because the storage space is the same you have in your hard drive, so you will be able to download any movie, music or file, regardless of how big it might be. You will not have to concern about the transference speed either, because the files are transmitted through a fast technology using the Peer to Peer nets. Finally, and the best part, is that it does not require any additional cost or any rate.

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