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Those who really know say that after visiting Paris, you can rest in peace because there is so much to see from modern monuments like the Eiffel Tower to the great museums and art galleries, not to mention the bars, restaurants and coffee shops which are responsible for the best French gastronomy because it is considered one of the best in the whole world and what can we tell you about the department stores where you can buy everything and the designer stores.

In conclusion, Paris is a city with really a lot of choices because it is bohemian, it is cultural, it is historical, and it is modern, which makes it an excellent tourist destination.

But what is the ideal time to be a curious visitor in Paris, it actually is the question that many tourists make, however it is really necessary to point that there is no ideal time to visit Paris but the tourist route programming to know Paris will depend on the money you have, because the more money you have the more time you will be there, so for that reason we will point some important tips to enjoy a pleasant stay.

Getting to Paris from anywhere in the whole world has become possible, thanks to the existing access conditions such as trains (Europe only) and airplanes. The increased frequency of existing flights and the emergence of low cost airlines which are in Europe itself have led to the well known “cheap flights”, and these at the same time have influenced their own traditional airlines to reduce costs and offer really low prices.

These offerings can now be reached by any interested person who wants to travel to Paris with only initiate a process of finding information on the Web where there are online sites dedicated to spread the tickets and cheap flights offerings, is one of these websites which allow us the search many options between airlines and the cheapest ticket and of course the reservation and purchase, from the point of origin to the point of destination (Paris airport). Now it is time to select the hotel and we will use some help from the internet to look for cheap hotels, sacrificing comfort for low prices and also there are sites which allow you to develop online reservations, buy tickets and you can check for the accommodation service.
Click on the option hotels, placing Paris, bringing the period of stay and place the number of people to be accommodated and the result that sends us in the Paris metropolitan area is as follows:

Available hotels in Paris Metropolitan

Stars Nº Range of prices
1 9 from 56 dollars
2 100 from 53 dollars
3 264 from 56 dollars
4 108 from74 dollars
5 5 from 88 dollars
Total 486

Other websites you can visit are:
Establishing the correct tourist route according with the time we already have planned to visit Paris and for that we are looking for tourist routes which are leading to Paris so you can enjoy it as a tourist destination.

A route can be started at the Eiffel Tower, the most important monument of Paris with its 274 meters high, actually it has to be always the first place to go; it allows you to watch the city at that height. After that, you can go on boat by the River Seine, because it also will help you to appreciate the charm of Paris.

All this can be done in the first day. On the second day and using the subway you can have access to the Elysees Fields and explore them on foot is the best because it will reveal you where several restaurants are located and then you can come to the Arc of the Triumph. On the third day you can visit the Concorde Market with its Egyptian Obelisk and then to the Tullerias Garden and the world famous museum called The Louvre Museum. The fourth day you can visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

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