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The Tourism in Rome,Rome tourism guide :

Unlike many other tourist destinations, we know about Rome since we were just students and when our teachers of History and Religion used to tell us about the Roman Empire and the origins of Christianity, so, for that reason, visiting it today no longer means just knowing a nice country but to recognize a delightful history.

In Rome there are many resources helping the tourism to visit, actually one of the principal attractions happens to be the Great Coliseum of Rome, it was a scene of gun battles between gladiators which is often remembered in films with themes of the Roman Empire and the Vatican; state where we can find the principal figure of the Christianity, the Pope.

We must not forget that in Rome we will absolutely find a lot of art museums where you will be able to appreciate some beautiful paintings of Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and others. At the Vatican, we will find the Sistine Chapel .

To get to Rome, those who live within the European territory can do it by train using the company Ferrovie dello Stato that has its main terminal (Termini station) in the center of Rome, this company actually link Rome to Paris, Florence and Milan, being in this Italian city, these trains arriving from Madrid, all of their passengers have to be transferred into a high-speed train that takes them approximately in four hours to the city of Rome. The tickets can be purchased online via using a lot of types of cards which are listed on their website.

Another faster option for the European people is the use of cheap flights from their own city to Rome, so by using the help of some Web pages as and , you can be able to locate, reserve and purchase some cheap tickets and of course given the distances you will make a short sacrifice by exchanging comfort for price, because in the route Madrid – Rome you actually can find some air-tickets, the price can go from 31 Euros when the date is flexible, to 88 Euros when the date is fixed in low-cost airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Vueling, actually, compared with the value of the regular tickets coming from traditional airlines such as Iberia, the differences are really bigger than you think (614 Euros on a fixed date.)

For Latin American people, there are no low cost airlines to Europe, so they are limited to traditional airlines, to say the truth, the prices of the tickets can change from one to another company, so it is actually giving the possibility to find cheaper tickets, it is necessary to use the Web and use online specialized sites to search for flights with cheap tickets in low demand times such as

Choosing the hotel is the next task and again we ask for help to the Web page to find a good hotel, to reserve a room and to hire the accommodation according to our economic availability, you can also check all of this at , , and
Once you arrived in Rome, you should really know that to visit many tourist attractions and other beautiful places, you must pay for an entry or else you must purchase the tourist cards, their prices range are between 6 and 27 Euros, so you should approach the Office Local of tourism where they will explain the cost benefits and other kind of discounts you can earn.

The first day in Rome you really have to visit the Coliseum of Rome, because of its meaning through the ages, because the feelings you can live there are simply fantastic, to do this, you can use the subway; actually one of their stations is just called” Colosseoā€¯. To enter to this Beautiful, amazing and delightful Coliseum you must pay between 10 and 20 Euros, it additionally includes access to the Palatino.

The second day you absolutely must visit its markets and to do this, we must be engaged with the tourist services in the sealing less tourist bus departing from Termini Station every 20 minutes throughout the whole year, it actually counts with a defined route.

The third day you really have to visit the Vatican City in the perimeter of this amazing place we can find St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel.

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