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The Tourism in London,London tourism guide :

Being the tourism one of the main economic activities in London, its tourism industry has achieved over the period 2006-2010 the excellence in tourism services and other kind of activities, which has allowed it to be recognized as the destination of the year and wining the World Travel Awards consecutively.

However London is one of the most expensive tourist destination and it actually will be much more in 2012 when this nice country offers the Olympic and Paralympics Games, so, giving some good advices to make the trip and cutting some costs is absolutely necessary.

London counts with the best museums in the world, because they have collections of historic and contemporary art and just like some current art exhibitions (Tate Modern, Tate Britain), some beautiful European painting collections (National Gallery), samples of scientific and technological development in the world through the time (Science Museum), collections of art objects from all of the times and ages (Victoria and Albert Museum), a collection of portraits of historical figures of all times and ages (National Portrait Gallery), collections of animals, plants and minerals Museum (Natural History Museum), a collection of archaeological treasures from around the whole world (British Museum).

The buildings that attract the most of the tourists in London actually are the Tower of London (royal palace and fortress), the Westminster Abbey (site of coronation of the Kings of England since 1066, where the royal throne is located), and the Buckingham Palace (the official residence of British Kings, famous for its changing of the guard).

Other buildings which are also tourist destination are: The Saint Paul `s Cathedral (an amazing Church dedicated to St. Paul, where there have been weddings, funerals, celebrations of endless wars, and on its burial crypt you can find the tombs of historic figures as Admiral Nelson Lawrence from Arabia, and Alexander Fleming). Other attractions are the Museum of Wax Figures in Madame Tussaud `s, The Soho neighborhood and of course its own Chinatown, the neighborhood of Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, London Eye; Big Ben, Harrod warehouses, The British Parliament Building.

London is an attractive cosmopolitan city for the tourists not only from other European nations but also for other English regions, those people can visit this nice places by using the flights from a lot of low cost companies like Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Vueling which offer tickets between 30 and 50 Euros and also these people are looking to stay in hotels categorized in two or three stars.

When the tourists come from Latin America, the cost of travel is always high because there are no low cost airlines but traditional airlines offering cheaper tickets in relation to their normal tickets at sometimes just because they count with a little demand. The search for the cheaper ticket from Buenos Aires to London, go out and return (February 1st and 7th, estimated dates) at the online site , it will cost U.S. $ 1.592 at Lufthansa and the most expensive in American Airlines (actually it will cost U.S. $ 4.356). If we really want to find some cheap hotels, we can check on the site .

Other online sites to consult are or the characteristic of the most of these sites is that they allow not only identifying flights and cheap accommodation, but to buy and reserve anything you think is important for yourself.

Once solved the issue of air tickets and the accommodation, the tourists must purchase the London Pass card that will allow you to enter for free to over 55 attractions, as well as providing discounts on ticket prices to other tourist attractions, it is also recommended to buy the travel card or Travel cards as long as you do not buy the London Pass with transport card (including the 6 zones that divided the city).For more information you can visit

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