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The most important and expected day for a couple is the wedding. In this day both accept to join their lives together forever because of the love they have for each other. It doesn’t matter if you just know the bride or the groom, when you’ll see both together; you’ll wish them happiness for their lives. It’s a wedding custom to give a present with a card that contains the best wishes for the just married couple.
Would you like to write something nice and original in a wedding card? Well, stop searching now. In this article you’ll find a list of nice verses for wedding cards. After reading these verses, the just married couple will feel lucky and happy.
Free list of nice verses for wedding cards:
:: “I want you both to be happy
And the magic of your love never vanish
I want you to have many children
And never forget this wonderful day
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:: “I knew your love couldn’t wait more time
I knew you’ll join your lives sooner or later
Life has something special for you
A pure and true love to share
I wish you happiness”
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:: “The sky is beautiful and quiet
And the birds sing happily
Because two people in love
Decided to get married today
Good luck for both”
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:: “I wish the best for you since the bottom of my heart
Getting married means that you overcame a lot of difficulties
And that you are in this world to be together
Congratulations for your wedding and enjoy your love everyday”
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:: “The wedding day is the day all couples dream about
Today you’re making that dream real
The destiny wanted you to love to each other
And now you have the opportunity to be happy forever
I wish you a happy married life”
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:: “When a person falls in love
It’s not necessary to look for explanations
And accepting somebody’s love
It’s a big compromise
You’re going to get married
And I’m sure your love will last forever
Wish you happiness”
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:: “Getting married is not an obligation
It’s something people do in the name of love
Getting married can change anybody’s life
A change to be better
Congratulations for the future wedding”
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:: “Many people never know what love is
Fortunately you did
Falling in love with somebody is a blessing
And getting married is a step forward to happiness
I wish you a long life together”
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:: “When you see to each other
I can see the love
When you’ll get married
Your lives will be as wonderful
As the roses in the spring”
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:: “Love is the most amazing feeling
And you have this feeling for each other
You’ll get married soon
An your love will be bigger and stronger”
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We hope these nice verses for wedding cards will help you to express your best wishes for the couple who is about to get married.
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