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An anniversary is a meaningful date for most of couples. Each anniversary is a reason for both to be happy and it’s also the confirmation that love in a couple is real. Engagement couples renew their commitment of love and express their feelings to each other in their anniversaries.
Are you about to celebrate a new anniversary with your fiancé? Would you like to tell him/her some beautiful words? In this article you’ll find some engagement anniversary verses. Dedicate some of these verses to your fiancé in your anniversary and make the love and happiness between you bigger than anything else on earth.
Free list of anniversary verses:
:: “Since I know you I learn to appreciate how wonderful this world is
You made me the luckiest man on earth
I know nothing can be compared to my feelings for you
And I know our love could blossom even in the desert”
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:: “I always thought I’d fall in love with somebody special
But you are more than what I had in mind
These months with you I understood that you own my heart
The word eternity is written in our love story”
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:: “Looking to your face is what I like the most
I’m so happy because I know that you are in this world
Satisfaction is what I feel when we hold our hands
I love you and I’m convinced that you’re a gift of the destiny”
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:: “Celebrate a new anniversary seems incredible
It was not a casualty to met to each other
Our love is something that just happens once
Our love is an amazing feeling in our lives.
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:: “Being your girlfriend changed many things on me
I become more sensible and vulnerable to your kisses
You feed the need of love inside me
I love you and I never stop doing it”
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:: “I saw you in my dreams and I finally met you in person
I knew you would be mine in that moment
I knew you would be just for me
You were the only thing I wanted
I was sure I would love you
Now we’re celebrating a new anniversary
I’m the luckiest man on earth
Because I love you”
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:: “Having many things in common is just one detail
Our love is the best we have
When I’m with you, seems I’m in heaven
You’re the one who I love
And I’ll do it until the end”
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:: “Asking you to be my girlfriend was my best decision
You have everything I was looking in a girl
When I’m with you everything is fine
These last months with you were the best of my life
Happy anniversary my princess”
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We hope these engagement anniversary verses will express your love and feelings for the person you love. We wish your engagement have a happy end.
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