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When you love someone with madness and passion, that sincere and one of a kind love that is felt from the bottom of the heart and with the entire soul, that one love that makes you breathe, get up in the mornings and walk through the world, that is true love. When you have the joy of sharing it with someone, you get to a point in which the two people know each other too well and begin to share an incredible bond based on love, trust and respect.
There is no book of rules that tells you how you to behave in a relationship, but the parameters are created within the couple, reaching agreements in different areas in which both agree and feel comfortable. However, something that is unanimous in all relationships where love reigns, is this instinct, this desire to tell the other person how much you want them and how much you value them.
Thinking about it precisely is that we thought that you could dedicate some beautiful messages with your loved one, to make him know everything that he means to you, how much you love him and everything else that fascinates you about him. We encourage you to review the email the examples we have brought you on the lines below, we are confident that you will love them and that you will not be able to wait to send him some of them to get a nice smile out of his heart.
Free list of love texts:
:: “For me there is no one like you, my dear sweetheart. You are the love of my life, the person I want to be by my side every day at bedtime and from the early morning when I wake up. If you are not with me, then I do not know how my life would be, or what would become of me. I love you very much, more than you can ever imagine or conceive”.
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:: “The Lord allowed us to get to know each other, thanks to him our paths crossed and I could not be more happy and in love with you. All we have shared so far has been just wonderful, it has fascinated me, just like you. Remember that, in order for relationships to work out, love is not enough, there also has to be a lot of understanding, caring, comprehension, patience, respect and trust. I think we meet all those requirements with excellence, we are meant for each other, there is no doubt. I know we still have many adventures to live and experience in the future and that we still have a long way to go, but I am very happy to be by your side”.
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:: “I refuse to keep pretending, I refuse to keep hiding it, what I feel for you is absolutely and definitely the most pure and sincere love you will ever see. You are the person I want by my side for the rest of my days. I give you my heart, I leave it in your hands and the choice is yours. I became what I always wanted to be thanks to you, you taught me the best way to make things right. Your example enlightens me, your face fascinates me and motivates me to be with you. I want to become bigger, stronger, more successful and all for you, my love”.
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:: “When we kiss I am transported into an unknown universe for the mere mortals, unimaginable to those who never knew love in their lives. Probably there are some who may think that I exaggerate, those who are not capable of feeling the truth of my words. The truth is that I feel sorry for them because only those who have felt real love can understand. I love you, princess, you are everything I ever dreamed of the person that would accompany me in this life. I hope you feel the same way about me, because for me there is nobody else”.
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Do not limit yourself, express your love with ease and confidence. You will see how happy that person will feel by reading your feelings in a way as beautiful as this. Let us remember to feed our relationships, because they are like plants, without water, nutrients and good soil, they just die. Come back whenever you want, considering that our updates will not wait.
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