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Those of us, who enjoy the joy of sharing with our brothers, know what it means to have passed through all the stages, having grown and learned things together, arguments, fights, misunderstandings and solutions. There are many experiences that we can go through with our brothers and sisters and that is why dedicating some nice words to them for their birthdays, will never be too much.

When it comes to a sister, the relationship becomes like the relationship with our first girl-friend, to whom we can trust a lot of things and will always have a good advice or will know how to soothe our emotions, if need it.

In the case that we are the older ones, our youngest sister becomes the girl who will never be a grownup even if the years go by, whom we will take care of with all our being, whom we will not allow anything to happen. We would be capable of giving anything for her.

Anyhow, the truth is that it is a very special person in our lives and we cannot allow a special occasion such as a birthday to pass unnoticed. Let us take the time to dedicate a few words from the heart. If you want to feel inspired to write something, in this opportunity we leave you with several examples of birthday’s texts that you may find useful.

Free examples of birthday texts for my sister:

– “Dear and little sister, it is your birthday today and I still feel as if your arrival to the family was yesterday. I still remember when you were little and played with you while you had not learned to walk yet. With you in my life I learned to share and never felt alone again. I hope I can now share special dates like this, for much longer. I love you.”
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– “You know that all those discussions we have strengthened our relationship and in the end they make us more sisters. You have a special place in my heart and no one can get you out of there. I wish one of the best birthdays you have ever had. You’re the best. “
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– “How not to thank life if I had to live life with a sister like you. You have taught me a lot throughout our history, invaluable situations and advices I will never forget. Those are some of the things that let me say now, I love you very much. I wish you a happy birthday.”
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– “Seen you been born, grown and now been who you have become makes me so proud that I could devote you a lifetime. I know you will get very far and I know so since you were a child. You are now in the right path and it is time to celebrate a great day, your birthday. I hope yo have a really good time.”
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– “If I desire something for you, it is that everything that makes you happy becomes a reality for you and that you can enjoy every detail and every moment with those who love you the most. I hope you enjoy your day and that we can always celebrate together. Birthday kiss and hug.”
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– “Wishing you happy birthday is not just wishing you the best for today but for the rest of the remaining year until your next birthday. I am happy to be your brother and you know that you can always count on me. I love you and I hope we can always share the best moments of our lives.”
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– “Any wish that is going through your mind right now can come true if you keep that positive attitude much longer. You have always given us a smile, so it will not be hard. You will get very far and this birthday celebration is the beginning of a successful life. Happy Birthday.”
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– “I could not have asked for a better sister, a person with such strong values, with such a pure love and always having very good advices. You will remain been an example for me to follow and will not cease to thank you for the effort that you make to keep the smile up on my face. You deserve a birthday you will never forget.”
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– “I can imagine the perfect party for you, but nothing could match the love I have for you, nor how good of a person you are. I wish you the best of birthdays and a life full of happiness.”
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– “In important moments of the year, such as your birthday, there is no physical barrier that prevents my best wishes to reach you. I wish you can have a very good birthday, happy, surrounded by all your family and friends. You are always in my thoughts and my fondest memories.”
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– “If I could give you something perfect for your birthday, it would be more years of life to share together. You are and you will remain to be the best sister and that is why a “happy birthday” does not cut it. What you need is to hold a huge celebration that could never compensate how good of a sister you have always been.”
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– “I am very grateful to life for allowing me to live by your side so many marvelous experiences. You have always taken care of me and now it is my turn to celebrate in style this special day. I hope you have a unique birthday, which you can always remember with pleasure.”
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We hope that you have enjoyed these texts and that you can share them with your sister. We are certain that she will like them and they will bring out a smile in her birthday.

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