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There is nothing cuter in a relationship, the memory of that day when you exchanged vows and in which you joined your lives and the rest of your days in the house of the Lord; clearly we mean the day when you got married. You probably will rarely experience so many feelings and emotions at the same time and it is a day you will remember forever, not only because you were the main characters, but also because you were close to all your loved ones, who were thrilled by the celebration of such an important day and such a special sacrament.
Every year, in commemoration of that event, it is usual to make a small celebration or gathering, especially among the loved ones of the couple, because it is like with birthdays, in which you celebrate life, except that what is celebrated is the love you have for each other. Thinking about it, we thought that if you knew someone who was about to celebrate their wedding anniversary, maybe you will be encouraged to write an email congratulating them on their achievements, that would be nice; o the next few lines you will find some tips for doing this.
Free examples of anniversary texts:
:: “On this special day, I am writing to you because I would like nothing more than to express my heartfelt congratulations for you having met a year together since that wonderful day in which you joined your lives forever. We all know that is not a simple task and that it requires effort, patience and above all much love, but the truth is that I see the two of you together and I realize that you are succeeding wonderfully, as if you were meant to be together. I send you much love and I hope to see you soon, I wish you the best”.
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:: “Anniversaries, more than just a celebration, are the fulfillment of an achievement that should be celebrated. Thinking about it, is that I dedicate this congratulatory message, wishing you that your hearts are always full of affection and love to give to each other, full of time to overcome the problems and full of joy for it to reign over your hearts, despite everything and everyone. Kisses and hugs for you, I appreciate you very much”.
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:: “When you talk about a wedding anniversary, what others immediately hear is that two people ventured into an incredible mission of loving and valuing each other for the rest of their lives and that is why I appreciate you, value you and admire you so much . Now the good stuff will begin for you, for you have just been living together for a year, and there is still much to experience and discover. Have a wonderful anniversary”.
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:: “Uniting our lives to the one of another being whom we love dearly and passionately, to whom we understand and appreciate, which we respect and value, it is probably the most important and most consequential decision we make in our life. Remember it is very important to always have a good communication, loyalty and trust in the other, since from there you should start to build good and positive things. Happy anniversary, dear friends, you are an exemplary couple and you can tell by far how much love you have for each other”.
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:: “How wonderful it is for me to be a part of your anniversary celebration. I hope you know much I appreciate you and I honestly only have good wishes for your lives, because you are such a nice couple who really deserves to find true happiness. Always remember the day you swore to love each other forever, may that memory remains alive and give you the support you need to continue; do not the love be extinguished, nor the passion and respect be lost. Happy Anniversary”.
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It is great to have the opportunity to celebrate with others who are celebrating their wedding anniversary, they are often people to who have much love and affection for, and so we live their triumphs as if they were our own. Do not miss this opportunity to share your most beautiful wishes for prosperity with this important partner for you. We hope to inspire you with our examples and, if you want to, you will decide to send them to whom it may concern; remember, they are free.
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