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All of us that still have the privilege of having our mothers around are very happy to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with them and have a nice day by their side. Like our mother, there are many other mothers that will also receive a warm greeting on their day.

They are our aunts, grandmothers, sisters, cousins and friends who have had the miracle of bringing children into the world. On the next few lines we offer you beautiful greetings you can dedicate to all the mothers you know on their special day.



Free examples of mother’s day texts:

– “I want to send a warm greeting to all the courageous mothers who have spent every day of their life struggling with the challenges of life to provide the best opportunities for their children, happy mother’s day.”
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– “This very warm greeting is for the women who have had the great fortune of being mothers and who perform all the tasks that the Lord has entrusted them, all the best for all of you.”
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– “No one on the face of the earth will spend mother’s day without the proper celebration on this day; a special greeting for mothers and children, as without them there would be no reason for being.”
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– “On this special day I want to greet all those mothers who can boast about having children for whom they would even give up their lives, happy mother’s day to all of you.”
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– “Our mothers are not perfect, but they have a lot of love to give and with that immense love they manage to bring up excellent children, so I extend a fervent greeting to them for mother’s day.”
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– “I extend a warm greeting to all moms who constantly encourage their children, who are always looking after them so that nothing happens to them and they strive to give them everything they need; happy mother’s day to all of you.”
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– “The life of a woman changes completely from the first moment she is a mother; to all those women who are carrying a child in their womb, I wish you a happy mother’s day, as of now you and are the most valuable beings for those little loved ones.”
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– “I want to wish a beautiful mother’s day to my dear mother and all the women who are eager to make their children happy, you will be in the kingdom of heaven.”
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– “A mother who does not mind the sacrifice she has to make so that their children fulfill all of their goals are worthy of our appreciation and praise, so I want to wish you a happy mother’s day. “
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– “On this day I want to send a very special greeting to all those mothers who are happy to give their children everything they need even if they stay without nothing at all, may God send you many blessings.”
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We are sure that all mothers will love reading these greetings after you dedicate them with all your heart.

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