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Migrating to England or to the United Kingdom as it is known, is not easy at all, because it requires the solicitation of a visa in any of the British embassies distributed all over the world, or in Visa solicitation centers, managed by private companies in countries that have no bond, or processed through the official site of the UK Border Agency.

England is a nation that shapes the United Kingdom of Great Britain, it is located in the island of Great Britain, surrounded by the north seas and Ireland, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel; it shared the island with Scotland and Wales, which are also a part of the United Kingdom.

England’s county town is the city of London, the most populated city of the European Union, to which England belongs and which is considered as one of the most important trade centers in the world.

England is considered as one of the world’s powers, it counts with a developed economy and, despite been an exclusively English – speaking city, it has not been a limiting factor for many South Americans, who speak in Spanish or Portuguese, to migrate to this country.

The interest of immigrant towards England as a legal migration place is not only because of its economic development, but for its condition of member of the European Union, which allows any citizen of the other countries that are part of it, to be able to access into English territory, with the right to reside and work there, in whatever he or she might consider as appropriate.

Any immigrant who has as a destination England, needs to have a good command of the English language, otherwise, he or she will be destined to perform only physical jobs, whose salary per hour is considerably lower than the wage given to those who are able to communicate in English, which undoubtedly is not related to the high cost of living in a British city.

However, any immigrant must be conscious that life in England is pretty tough and he or she must be prepared for the travel, due to the low warmth shown by the English citizens in their treat towards any immigrant.

Another aspect that must be taken into consideration by anyone who wishes to migrate to England is if his or her country has access to a visa to enter to the country in question, in order to do that, there is nothing better than checking the web sites of the British embassies in your country. You must not forget that they are written in English.

Another way to do some research is by accessing to the web site of the UK Border Agency ( and directly request a visa, in order to be able to do that, first you will have to check the site, because in it you find all the explanations you are looking for to migrate and make an online application of the visa solicitation.

Let’s not forget that one of the safest ways of accessing to England, besides from been a European citizen or counting with the Schengen visa, is getting a scholarship, which allows the immigrant to study and to find a temporary job.

One of the most important requirements for whoever wishes to apply for a visa in the United Kingdom or England, is to provide them your biometric and physical data, whose validity is given since the year 2006 and to which the only exempt are children under the age of 5, diplomats and government employees. Let’s not forget that part of these data is composed by fingerprints of each of the immigrant’s fingers, in such way that, if something happened (wound, paint) when doing the application, the immigrant could not scan his or her fingers, the system will not let him or her processing his or her visa application until he or she is healed or until the paint has gone away. The same thing will happen if he or she does not present the digital photography.

The visa service is given by British embassies. In places in which there are no embassies, there should be a Visa Application Center (VAC), which is managed by private companies authorized by the British Government. It is important to mention that this process must be done personally.

It is possible to access to British territory through the sponsorship of a British citizen, but that is after having applied to the visa process. The sponsor must sign a commitment in which he or she commits to sustain the immigrant during his or her stay in England, in both accommodations and feeding, for a period that goes for no longer than six months.

Summing it up, England’s condition of developed country and been part of Great Britain’s United Kingdom and, therefore, a member of the European Union, has transformed it into a new destination for immigrants, which has not been always appealing, due to the lack of warmth offered by its citizens. However, the command of the English language will make the immigrant’s insertion into the English economy much easier, as well as better opportunities and access to better jobs and salaries.

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