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Job opportunities in England and varied and the ways for searching for them too, been the most important ones the job recruiting websites on the internet, the head hunters, the job centers, the main newspapers and the job fairs. 

Choosing England for its condition of English speaking country, as a search place for work opportunities, requires counting with information that allows us to know if we are choosing correctly. 

In England’s southwest, the most economic growth zones are established, which does not happen in the north of the country, where the unemployment rates are higher. In the sectors of less job demand we find manufacture and heavy industry. 

Information that must be taken into consideration is that in order to work legally in England you must be one of the people authorized to work there, and according the immigration rules, these people are:

  • Those who count with indefinite residency permission.
  • Those who count with a student visa for six month or more courses.
  • Those who count with a work permission processed by their employers and given by the British government.


Job opportunities are better used by immigrants when they have managed to standardize their college degree in England, and in order to do that, they must follow the list of requirements, because doing it with improve their chances when they find themselves in front of a job opportunity in England. According to their profession, they will have to turn to the corresponding professionals association, in order to do that, the National Agency is the responsible for informing about the professional competences and international qualifications required by a foreigner to work in England, which can be found in UK Naric, whose website is:

The requirements to obtain a good job in England are attached, mainly, to your command of the English language and the work experience you have. It is also easier for you to get a job when you go to England to study English. It is important to consider that the strongest and less – paid jobs are given to those who do not have a good command of the English language. 

The ways of looking for a job in England are related to the internet, newspapers, magazines, job agencies, job fairs, job centers, social networks. 

Just as in any other part of the world, here you can also find websites congregating employers who offer jobs and applicants who are looking for a job and who are able to apply to the offers or can also publish their CV, pointing out those parts that match the profiles shown by the search engines. 

A web site intended for Latin immigrants who are looking for jobs in England is, where you can find offers from diverse jobs, divided not only by the required skill level, but also by the professional capacity and the command of the English language. 

Another web site is, this web site shows many job offers and various sections destined to give advice to those who are looking for a job and, also, how they should be prepared. Likewise, they spread which are the valid work conditions that a worker in England should receive. This is a JobsCentres web site. 

The job centers are government entities which help legal residents to find a job and to apply to the benefits given by the British government. It counts with information about vacant positions in the city in which they are located, as well as information from other cities. 

Another way of looking for a job are the famous social networks or networking, which involves getting connected with a group of immigrant of the same country, whom might have knowledge of work offers to which we could be applying for. 

We can also look for a job through the head – hunters whom, through their web sites, publish their staff requirements and to access to them we can identify them in the yellow pages or through internet’s search engines. 

Another way of finding a job is through the search in England’s newspapers, which count with sections dedicated exclusively to the spread of staff requirements from British employers. Remember that these diaries also have web sites :

 Colleges in England use Job Fair as a method to hire workers. The procedure requires that those who are interested have to make a previous subscription by sending their curriculums. This job fairs are mainly spread in the written media. 

Summing up, any immigrant is able to improve his or her job searching opportunities through the internet, in the British newspapers, the head – hunters, the job centers and in the job fairs, as long as he or she counts with a legal residency, work permission, standardization of his or her college degrees and command of the English language. 

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