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Loving someone, without a doubt, is one of the greatest things you may have the opportunity to experience, you and all mankind, because love has the ability to push us, to motivate us to accomplish more, to long for bigger goals and to advance without stopping.
When we are in love, the beginning of a relationship is rather complicated in our mind, we do not know exactly how we will cope with the situation, if our feelings are corresponded, or even if the relationship makes sense in general, all these doubts overwhelm us a little, but if we calm down we can see things more clearly.
If you desire someone who attracts you a lot, then be yourself and show yourself as you are, because there is nothing worse than pretending to be someone we are not to win the heart of someone else. Today, on the lines below we offer you a series of messages that you can use for this purpose, to let that guy know how much you like him, while still being yourself. Choose the ones you want, remember that the messages are free.
Free list of love texts for a girl:
:: “Now I see you as a savior, as if you were that angel coming down from heaven has come to earth to rescue me from the monotony, boredom and nothingness. Please give me a chance to win you, to show you everything I have, you really inspire me to be better, to improve, and to be happy. I am willing to show you my feelings if it is ok with you, please let me know, nothing would make me happier”.
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:: “The days I live next to you have been of the best experiences that I never thought I would get to live and I would like them to be eternal, to relive those moments forever and I think that is possible by your side, if we stick together, if we learn how far this adventure can go. Go ahead, take my hand and let us dare to see what this is all about”.
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:: “How good it feels to look back to see you and think of how nice it would be that it was like this forever. I know you like me and I hope you know that I love you a lot and that is why I propose to you for us to be together and discover what love has for us in the future”.
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:: “Nothing would make me happier than you accepting my love and the promise of being faithful to you, taking care of you, respecting you and always loving you. You do not know how happy you would make me if you accepted to be my girlfriend, I know you will not regret it”.
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:: “I had never laid eyes on any creature as spectacular as you, I do not even know if I can get close to you, because you have the beauty that was narrated in Greek mythology and sometimes I feel you might be unattainable. I know we started as friends, that we gradually got closer, but if I write this message to you, it is because I would officially like to tell you that I am very attracted to you and I would love to be with you. I love you and I hope your feelings are similar to mine”.
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:: “When our eyes meet, it is like as if electricity took possession of my body, as if nothing that existed was real, as if I rose to the clouds and I never wanted to come back, because at this point I am with you, you are by my side and you never let me go. I would like us to start a serious relationship, because I do not want to play games with you. If you feel the same way, please do not hesitate to tell me, I will be waiting for you with love”.
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:: “I have lived so much and in so many places and, but until I met you I think I had not understand what it meant to be alive. Meeting you has been the most amazing thing that could have happened to me, as if I had always been asleep and you had come to wake me up from that dream, that seemed more like a nightmare without you”.
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As we know, in certain situations in life, we cannot wait to decide something, we just have to take action on the matter and act. If you find yourself in a similar situation to the messages, then wait no longer, dare and you will see that it worse not to risk it, because then you do not win. See you soon.
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