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Saying goodbye is not easy, especially when we know it is the last goodbye we will get to say, that it is final and forever. When someone we love very much passes away and leaves this world for a better life, despite we know that this is part of the normal cycle of things, we find it hard to understand and accept.
However, there is nothing more beautiful for that person, the family and loved ones, than to hear a heartfelt farewell message from people that loved the deceased so much. In this message, it would be ideal if all the positive characteristics that the person had were highlighted, as well as perhaps a nice anecdote in which these features were also highlighted.
You will see that doing this will have the power of bringing a lot of peace to those who attend. If you do not know what you say exactly as part of this little speech, do not worry, because we are sure that if you put your heart to work on it, you will be fine. To help you a little bit, we brought you a series of examples that might inspire you.
Free list of obituary messages:
:: “On this sad day, one of my greatest friends has left me forever to be by the Lord’s side. We are all very sad and will miss him very much, but we must understand that he could not be in better company than the Lord. He will now be calm and at absolute peace, so we should not worry, because he would not want to return, not even if he was given the chance. Now he will rest forever there and everything will be fine for him. All there is left for us is to thank him for all he gave us, for the experiences we lived together, for his love, patience and support. We will never forget his laugh, because it was the most contagious and genuine of all. I will always remember you very fondly, we worship you, dear friend”.
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:: “The truth is that we are very distressed and there is no way that our thoughts do not run towards you and the idea that you are gone. However, we should be able to find in our faith the encouragement to believe that you are much happier now in a wonderful place where you have everything you ever wanted and more. To remember you in your thousands of facets brings up a smile in our faces without a doubt, because you were one of those people who always had something to say, that all the time knew how to bring back the light when it was dark. We love you and hope to see you soon, together as we always had to be”.
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:: “Friend of my heart, you are gone now, but your passing away left us many lessons that we will treasure forever. You had the patience to teach us what life is worth, that we should not define ourselves by what we have, but by what we are and what we can give to others. Thanks to you I discovered a new perspective of looking at things, which makes me much happier. I will never finish thanking you. I adore you”.
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:: “You will always be here in our hearts, we hope that you know that very well, because it could not be any other way. We will always use you as a role model to follow, because your life was a series of positive experiences, learning, things we do not ever want is never to be erased from our memory. I thank the Lord for having placed you in my path, I cannot imagine what would have happened to me if we had not known each other on the exact day that we did. In many ways, you saved my life”.
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:: “May it not be too late to start living, enjoying and laughing. No one expected or imagined that this could happen, but that it the way it happened and we cannot do anything else but deal with the situation in the best way we can. There is no time to lose, life is today and we have to make the most out of it, let us toast every day celebrating life, let us do on his behalf”.
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Make sure that the message you promote is one of hope and that it is filled with a warm and positive air for everyone, that will help them find a little calmness, which they need very much in these difficult times.
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