Last modified 10/09/2023

Tips to open Windows’ programs faster :

open-windowsWhen we are working in our computers and we have to develop very important projects or that take us a short time, the slow access to some of the programs breaks our patient and makes us take longer than we thought we would. It is as if the computer was playing a practical joke on us; but there is no reason to feel upset about it, because there is a solution for everything, happily, our problem is not that complicated, you only have to follow a series of indications that I will give you as follows.

The amount of RAM memory that our computer has is a very important factor when working with elements that require a higher processing level or when we are working with several programs at the same time. When we use a lot of the RAM memory, our Windows’ Kernel is fatigued for sending and receiving the disc’s pagination files, which is why the answer speed is slower than the sent one, meaning that in order to execute the programs, the processes are slower and take longer. However, when increasing the RAM memory, the computer does not get so involved with the process and it is done directly, due to the fact that the memory addresses are temporally stored in the RAM memory, in that way the access process is performed much faster.

But if you need to speed up the process immediately, the simpler way of obviating the pagination process is by modifying the Windows’ settings. In order to be able to do it, we have to access to the system registers, after that we hit the Start button and in the execute gap we write “Regedit”, then we will search to the following address: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session manager/Memory Management, and in the right side of it, where we find an entrance names DisablePagingExecutive, we double – click it and a file will appear. We must open up its properties and if it has the number 0, we change it for the number 1; if the number 1 is already there, it means that the option has already been activated and there is nothing left to do, we click on Acept and it is done.

Another option to speed up the processes in Windows is to deactivate some of the unnecessary services that are been executed when Windows starts. In order to be able to deactivate them we must go to the Control Panel menu, select the management tools gap, we choose the system configuration option and click on the service gap; once we are inside the gap, we will see that the services are activated, we can deactivate the ones that are disposable such as: service and technical support, topics error informs, security center, performance alert register, remote register, Enghien office source, remote desk, event register and encoding service.

For Windows Visa, the same processes can be used, but there are a few more services, meaning that, apart from the ones that have already been mentioned, there are other more which do not need to be activated such as the index service, remote differential compression, tabletPc optional components, Windows DFS replication service, Windows fax and Windows meeting space. When we deactivate them we will be able to see that the performance and the access speed to Windows and to many other programs has been considerably increased.

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