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Working in England is possible, as long as the immigrant qualifies as a highly skilled worker or temporal worker in the different sub categories that are available; the permanence periods fluctuate between 12 and 24 months and in every case, only excepting the highly skilled workers, the person must have a company or government entity sponsoring him or her, and it must have the corresponding sponsor certificate. 

The first thing that every immigrant who wants to work in England must do is request a work visa through UK Border Agency’s web site. In this web site, he or she must choose the category in which he or she is going to apply, after checking the fulfillment of all the requirements. 

One of the categories is the highly skilled workers, investors and businessman and if it is applied correctly, in approximately four weeks, the corresponding visa is granted. 

The requirements for the highly skilled workers are demonstrating the high qualification, demonstrating that he or she can maintain him or herself in England and that he or she is able to speak English correctly. In this category there is no need for sponsoring or any job offer. The given qualification point are granted according to the professional qualifications, the previous salaries, the laboral experience, age and funds to maintain him or herself. 

Another category is the Post study work visa, which means that if a student has graduated from a British university, he or she can apply for the work visa, which will be given to them rapidly. 

There is also the Sponsored Skilled Workers category, which is destined to those qualified immigrants who have a job offer from a company that counts with a sponsorship license and certification given by the British Government and whom, besides, obtain the adequate qualification given by the immigration rules for this category. 

The established categories for skilled workers are five:

  • Rumanian and Bulgarian workers whom, before applying for a visa, must request work permission.
  • Skilled professionals
  • Religious ministers
  • Sportsmen
  • Employees transferred between branches of the same company

A different category are the temporal workers, meaning immigrants who are sponsored by a British company which counts with a sponsorship certificate to effectuate temporal jobs and whose visa authorization procedure does not take longer than four weeks. 

The sub categories include sportsmen and creative workers, as well as charity workers, religious workers and government exchange workers. 

When we refer to temporal sportsmen workers and creative workers, among them we include sportsmen, actors, scriptwriters and trainers, whose objective is to stay for a maximum of 12 months. In the case of the sportsmen, they must have obtained international records and in the case of the trainers, they must prove that their presence is due to their high qualifications. 

The sportsmen workers must be sponsored by a company that counts with a sponsorship certificate, whom must process a backup before the regulation entities of the British sports. Besides, they must count with an entry permission to the United Kingdom. 

The subcategory of charity workers is intended to foreign workers who are coming to England to perform volunteer non – paid work. They must have a sponsor. The authorized time to stay goes up to 12 months. 

The subcategory of religious workers is intended for immigrants who come to England to work for short periods as predicators, ministers, monks, nuns, etc. They are allowed to stay for up to 24 months. 

The subcategory of temporal Government Employees Exchange is intended for immigrants who come entrusted by their governments to learn in England. The sponsor must be an entity of the British Government; no private companies will be accepted. The maximum time they are allowed to stay is up to 24 months. 

The subcategory of temporal workers by international agreement is composed by those workers who come to England to perform jobs for short periods of time, according to the international agreements between the United Kingdom and other countries or world organizations. In order to become a beneficiary of this subcategory, you must count with a sponsor. You can stay for a maximum period of 24 months. 

There is a subcategory of temporal workers destined to young people from certain countries such as Australia, Japan, Canada and New Zealand, who wish to experience the English kind of life and who have the British Government as their sponsor entity. 

Another worker category is for those who are related to citizens of the countries of the European Union and, for their conditions as European citizens, they can willfully access to the job offers and permanent residency without having to ask authorizations from the British government. 

Summing up, the application of the different worker subcategories in the UK Border Agency web site, allows the immigrant to access to job opportunities before they are in English territory, which, at the same time, will allow them to sustain themselves between 12 and 24 months working. Only the European citizens are exempt of these requirements.  

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