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Where to find job offers in Australia :

job-offerFinding a job in Australia is not tough, due to the different ways there are to search for it; what is difficult is applying to the vacant job which goes according to your age, profession, experience and, basically, command of the English language that you have.

Australia has an economy whose development places it among the firsts of the world, which, next to an admirable politic and social stability, turn it into an appealing zone for all of those who wish to migrate in the pursuit of improving their economic situation and finding the right conditions for their personal and familiar development.

The chances of obtaining a job for an immigrant consolidate with the Australian low birth rates, which makes evident the vacant positions in the Australian work market, positions that its own citizens cannot fulfill, forcing the Australian government to implement, since a while ago, the Australian Immigration Program, to make easier the entrance of skilled foreign workers.

The Australian Immigration Program, is a program of open character which allows the immigrants, through a score process about age, profession, work experience and command of the English language, accessing to visas of permanent residency or for immigrants, which are the ones that allow them applying to the different job offers that can be found; in the case of been sponsored by an Australian company and been accepted, they will obtain benefits that are related to education, home and health.

To find job offers in Australia, the first thing the immigrant should do is check the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), which contents more than 350 skilled and non skilled occupations, been the most required ones the ones linked to accountancy, construction (architects, engineers), informatics, business management and to health (nursery).

Every skilled immigrant, when processing his or her visa, must join the Skilled Migration Program, whose results will allow him or her been in better conditions to access a job. The statistics indicate that in a period of 6 months tops, the 88 % of people who obtained their visas with the program mentioned above found jobs.

Given its condition of developed country and to Australia’s geographic immensity, it is necessary to implement different ways of finding a job, using for that the internet, newspapers reading, and connections net or going to the Australian job agencies.

The usage of the internet means using web sites that are specialized in offering any kinds of jobs; once there, the only thing we have to do is applying only to those jobs we gather the conditions, skills and requested work experience. Next, we will detail some of these pages, which are really useful to find a job, it is very important to specify that they are all written in English.

Some important pages that can be consulted are:

The web site, which offers jobs in general.
The job search engine, which locates part time jobs.
The job portal, in which a list of different temporal jobs can be found.
The has information about rights, salaries and employments.

Other links that allow consulting the jobs that are been offered and, also, applying for them online are the following:

The social nets or Networking, because they are already known, help a lot in receiving information about vacant positions and in the access to get that job position.

Another way of finding job offers if directly visiting the companies that could e your potential employers, carrying for that a much summed up life sheet, but appealing enough for their business manager to feel interested at the moment of developing the interview. If the first interview does not work out, you have to be persistent, visiting again the company and, with that, showing them your interest in working with them.

Many immigrants, in order to avoid themselves difficulties when looking for a job, go to professional agencies, which, according to your experience, education, and technical skills, will recommend to which positions you should be applying to, some even have their own web sites in which you can find their contact information.

Some of these web sites are:,, and

The revision of the online or printed editions of the main Australian newspapers, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, can give as a list of vacant positions in the Australian continent.

Summing up, the search of job offers in Australia can be performed in several ways, been the most used one the web search, given to the magnitude of the Australian continent.

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