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Advantages for professional immigrants In Australia,Jobs in Australia:

motorBeen sponsored by a family member, an Australian citizen, by a territory or province or been independent, makes much easier for a professional with working experience and command of the English language, accessing to permanent residency visa.

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Australia, the continent country, has managed to be positioned in the developed world as a strong economy, which is the result of a constant growth of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 1996 superior to the 4% of the fiscal surplus, of the reduced inflation, which has allowed an income per capita of AS$ 46,250 Australian dollars, which is the equivalent to US$ 37,000 American dollars.

Having a competitive economy which is constantly growing and an educative system of high quality, Australia has managed to develop a private business sector, which requires qualified working force, which cannot be completely covered by Australian citizens or permanent residents, due to the ageing of its population.

If to that, we add the presence of a great amount of matrix houses of international companies, the needs of qualified working force, which is every time more evident, the Australian government seems to be forced to create a migration program whose objective is training the professionals with working experience, with the purpose of contacting them with business men and inserting them in the working market. The sectors which require migratory working force are telecommunications, services and tourism.

Through the Skilled Migration Program, the Australian government offers more than 100 000 visas, for which the interested professional immigrants are qualified in these type of visa for the fulfillment of the requirements related to age (having less than 45 years old), technical sufficiency (professionals with a college degree), working experience and the command of the English language.

The most required professions in Australia are the ones related to accountancy, engineering, architecture, administration, informatics technology and nursery, which has allowed, according to official statistic, delay in approximately from 6 to 8 months to find a job in your specialty. The professional requirement in Australia is so important that there are even web sites destined to spread jobs such as

But it is worthless to have a specialty if the professional does not have a good command of the English language, for which before aspiring for a visa, the aspirant must certify his or her command of the English language; in order to do that, he or she must present a sufficiency test to certify that he or she has the required English level, in the case of the professionals of informatics technology, the test is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (for more information go to the following web site: .

The greatest advantage for professional immigrants will be to know the Skill Occupation List (SOL), which is been permanently updated by the Australian Government and because it reflects the real profession needs if Australia.

When the professional immigrants are still in their countries, they have several categories of visas to choose from, which adjust to their needs and qualifications. When you are a specialized independent professional, you have access to the Skilled Independent Visa. When your sponsor is a family member who is an Australian citizen you can access to the Skilled Australian Sponsored Visa. When the family member resides in a determined area you can access to the Skilled Designated Area Sponsored Visa. When, despite from been an independent professional, you manage to be sponsored by a territory or province, you can access to the Skilled State Territory Nominated Independent Visa.

Summing up, the professional have many visa options to immigrate to Australia, but their visa process must be consolidated verifying the Skill Occupation List (SOL) to find out is his or her profession is among the most required ones by the Australian working market and, also, which documentation he or she is going to need in order to obtain the highest score (120 points).

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