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Actually, these days, the competition about the jobs is bigger than ever before, so, for that reason, having some knowledge and years of experience is not enough, you must be capable of obtaining achievement.

That is why, between the most interesting information and data of the curriculum vitae, there are the professional achievements and skills obtained on the past jobs.
Now well, writing our professional achievements and skills on a curriculum vitae is not an easy task, so we must think carefully about what we are about to write on it.

The first thing we need to know before writing our professional achievements and skills on our curriculum vitae is to define what is an achievement and what is a skill. Now then, achievement means the result of something, success, incomes or money; anything we obtained for any job we did. By the other hand, skill means the capacity or the talent you have to do certain things better than the others.

But not all of the workers have achievements, if a worker wants to obtain an achievement, he must remember that the company which he works for is not paying him to go to work and do certain thing but to generate several values to the company, obtaining some goals and results.

To reach the achievements it is necessary to keep in mind the next components: problem, action and result. I mean, we should always think about the troubles and hard situations when we are working, then the actions we are going to take to solve that problem and the results generated through our actions.

If you do not want any difficulty at the moment when you are going to write your professional achievements and skills on your curriculum vitae, it is important to make a list with a number of our achievements so we can check and update it anytime we need to. You must remember that the achievements wrote on the curriculum vitae must be very quick to read, it has to be no more than 2 or 3 lines, for that reason, it is not necessary to explain the problem you had on your past job but the action you took and the results generated with that action.

Remember that the results and goals achieved must be explained in numbers, I mean money, time and resources. It is also important to mention that the achievements and goals, they must be written in the section of the work experience on the curriculum vitae.

About the skills, I think we can say it is a little easier to define them, because a single person may have a lot of skills. However, when you try to make maention of them on the curriculum vitae, it would be the right choice to write only the ones involved with the work and the charge you attempt to.

Between the skills we can mention on our curriculum vitae, we have:
– Analytic capacity
– Team-working capacity
– The capacity to work under pressure
– The capacity to motivate other people
– The capacity to build new relationships
– Strategic mind and way of thinking
– Orientation to good results
– Flexibility
– Several language or polyglot
– Handling of informatics and tools
– Knowledge about the market and the commercial. Etc

Between the achievements written on the curriculum vitae, we can say:
– I re-organized the area and the archive’s system. I also designed a new mechanism to make the archive’s work efficiently
– I increase the sells over a 21% during my procedure
– I improve the service of attention to the client over a 42%
– I create a base of data program which makes easy the gathering of reports about several characteristics never mentioned before.
– I reduce the operative money and the expenses over a 28%

Finally, if you want to know about the achievements you reach, you must investigate the incomes you generate for the company you work for, try to obtain it in numbers and the correct amount generated. Also try to remember if you were given with a special project and if you were congratulated or if you obtained any incentive for your reached goals.

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