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 Spain, the country of Cervantes and the catholic monarchy, it has become into one of the most visited destinations over the European continent.

With this essay we will make mention of the most beautiful cities and their attractive places so you will not have a excuse to lose them while you stay in Spain.

We are going to make this essay a little shorter than other times. But if you want to obtain more information about this beautiful country I recommend you to visit the official web site of the “tourism in Spain” advertising promoted by the government.

The first destination we recommend you is Seville; it is the main city of Andalucia. This city is known by its dance “flamenco” and the shows with wild bulls. The tourists who come here cannot go without trying the Jerez, an amazing and exotic kind of drink. Seville is a city with a multi-cultural place. Here lived very important and several civilizations like the Cartagineses, Phoenicians, people of the middle-east, people of Rome, visgodos and tartesos. You will be amazed with the catholic churches with a middle-east style, these churches were Mezquitas before, like is the case of the church Divine Salvador; which is really interesting because of the difference between the cultures.

How can anyone forget about the amazing MADRID, nobody right? It is the capital city since 1562, located on a plateau surrounded by mountains. In the very same historical middle of Madrid is located a great number of monuments, the most important are: the Arts Palace, the  Moncloa Palace (it is also the place where the Spanish government is located) and the museum of Prado. Once you are in Madrid, you cannot go without visiting the Market of the Cibeles and the Neptune Market. But if you are a fan of the football soccer, then you must visit the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, it is a complete paradise of the soccer, believe me, there is the field where the team “Real Madrid” plays, this team is considered the best of the last century.

Another recommendable city, although it is a small city, it is Marbella, located close of the Mediterranean ocean, near from Gibraltar. Marbella belongs to the province of Malaga, in Andalusia. Actually, this city is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the European continent; its streets are really like the ones in Miami or Monaco. Here it is very usual to find people from the Jet Set, royalty member or millionaires. This city also counts with buildings and hotels full of luxury and beautiful things, and of course several famous restaurants.

Of there is the nice city of Barcelona, the main city of Catalonia, this city is located to the north-east of Spain. Barcelona is considered the modern, technological and open-mind city of all the Spanish territory. The people who come here can go on a detour which allows them a view of the gothic, romantic and the historical monuments. Here you also can visit the Museum Home Gaudi, which possesses the piece of art of the Catalonian Antonio Gaudi. Also you can obtain more information about the Gaudi’s pieces of art in the Guell Palace, the Guell Park and the Mila House.

Another beautiful destination on Spain may be the Ibiza Island, located in the Baleares Islands, on the Mediterranean ocean. Ibiza offers us not only beautiful beaches but an excellent rural view and enormous meadows. On Ibiza you can visit the Phoenician ancient land of the Sa Caleta and the Necropolis of Puig des Molins. Being here you can be part of the parties at nightclubs and pubs, it is an experience you will never forget.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention about places like Toledo, a city where you may find the well-known Toledana or Sword of the century XVII; Santiago of Campostela, known because of its peregrination, La Corunna, city known as a symbol of the Gallego Culture and the grand Canaries Island of the Atlantic Ocean.

In conclusion, Spain has a lot of amazing places; which would not fit on this list, that is the reason why, if you really want to get more information about this beautiful country, please refer to the official web site of the tourism on Spain advertised by the government…( do not doubt about it. Spain has a lot to show you.

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