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How to write a cover letter to go with your curriculum vitae and apply for a job  in Usa ? :

writing-cover-letterThe chances of accessing to a personal interview and, therefore, a job spot, depend exclusively in the content of our presentation letter or cover letter.

Looking for a job in the United States might become a torture for any immigrant if he or she does not know how to do it, because it is not only about competing against each other, but it also implies fighting against the economic crisis that has hit the unemployment rates in the United States of America. The first affected by this crisis are the professional immigrants, because even the Program of Financial Rescue for companies has established as a condition for its inclusion, not to hire immigrants with the H – 1 B visa.

But in this competition having a pile of knowledge with updates and specializations, or having a great working experience, is not enough if you do not know how to present yourself before a company.

When we talk about not knowing how to do it, we mean that we do not know that before reading our curriculum, what the responsible staff of the human resources offices read is the presentation or cover letter, and that is through it that they decide whether to read or not the curriculum.

A well written presentation letter means telling the employer, in a few words, who we are and why we are interested in working with him or her; on the other hand, a cover letter poorly written will not show the employer anything interesting about us or about our expectations, despite we might be the perfect fit for all the requirements of the job position’s profile.

For an adequate redaction of the presentation or cover letter, it is necessary that we perform a series of previous actions, such as:
• Get acquainted of the company which is offering the vacant spot and find out who we are supposed to address the letter to.
• Identify the characteristics of the vacant spot.
• Evaluate if our knowledge, skills and experience, fit the vacant position.
• Do a brainstorm about the motives that are pushing us towards applying for the job.

After this previous evaluation, we must have pretty clear what is pushing as to apply to the mentioned position and which will be our contribution towards the development of the company.

You cannot do only one model of presentation letter for different positions and / or companies, because they are rapidly intercepted and eliminated by the human resources departments, because they consider that the person is not showing any sign of interest towards the company he or she is applying to work at.

A presentation or cover letter, must, at least, content the following information:

• Personal information: name and last name, postal address, phone and e – mail address.
• Company information: name and charge of the person that we are addressing ourselves to, name and address of the company.
• Greetings: Dear Mr. (Miss, Madame, etc.)
• The body of the presentation letter must not exceed the four paragraphs limit:
o Point out to what position we are applying for.
o Indicate the reasons for which we are applying; among them, we must highlight why we are applying precisely to that company.
o Mention which qualifications we have to apply to that position.
o Indicate the most important aspects of our working and formation experience, which must be related to the working position.
o Highlight what you are offering to the company, in a brief and concise way.
o Refer to the fact that you are enclosing your curriculum.
o Apply for a job interview, pointing out you telephone number and / or contact e – mail address.
o Thank the company for reading your presentation or cover letter and considering your petition, say good bye.
o Signature.

The presentation or cover letter, must be presented in an impeccable appearance, in both orthographic and type and letter, including the type of paper used. It would be better if you do not write more than a page or sheet of paper.

Summing up, the presentation or cover letter is the presentation that you make from yourself before the company who is offering the job position, and if it is well written, in both contents and aesthetics, it might open the doors of the working market pretty fast.

Cover letter free sample  1:

Dear Human resources Director :
Please consider this presentation letter as an expression of my interest in exploring and identifying career opportunities with your organization. My résumé is enclosed for your review and consideration.
As an Industrial Engineer with more than Twenty years’ experience in high-volume, world-class manufacturing environments in the Dubai,Australia,England and USA with a diverse mix of products and technologies I bring valuable hands-on operations management experience in diverse areas that has provided me with the ability to work in Operations, Engineering, Quality and Purchasing as a few examples of the areas in which I have gained knowledge and experience. Each of the areas in which I have worked has focused on elevating the company to achieve a world wide level. Targets that we have successfully achieved have been through design strategy and imaginative leadership. This leads to new ideas and encourages the process for more educated decisions.
Throughout my career I have provided proactive leadership to improve the company performance, to make it grow and make it more profitable. This is necessary in order to succeed in this world of creative economies. More hands-on work is needed in order to achieve this goal.
I’m confident that with my experience and skills I will be able to contribute significantly to your business. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and my potential to contribute as a team member. In the interim, thank you for your attention, consideration and forthcoming response.  


Jonny Sinclair
Cellular (123) 4567891 

Cover letter free sample  2:

Dear Sirs, Human Resources.:
Good morning!
I have the pleasure to address you. In order to participate in the selection of professionals in their prestigious project of recruitment.
As for my training, I have the Petroleum expertise, Industrial project development, also expertise in computer tools. I think proactive and leadership.
Enclosed are my curriculum vitae. A personal interview is the appropriate framework which can deepen my professional profile issues that are of interest. 
Without further ado, I take this opportunity to greet cordially .

Peter Radsmon 
Petroleum engineer
Cellular (123) 4567891  

Cover letter free sample  3:

Dear Human resources Director :

As a Petroleum Engineer,for a long time I have been waiting for a chance to apply for a job in a leading institution within Petroleum field,like yours, that contributes in the creation of value to its area.  In that sense, I have great interest in becoming a member of your working team and I took this opportunity to enclose my resume for your review and consideration for current or future opening I could be eligible.

You will notice that I have ten years experience in international Petroleum companies.
If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate in contacting me at 123456789 (home), 5888574521 (Mobile) or by email
I will be glad to meet and hear from you soon.

Best regards,

James Tylor
Petroleum Engineer

Cover letter free sample  4:

Dear Human resources Director :
I am sending to you my resume, to be considered for vacant positions on areas such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human resources and/or Administration.

I have over 10 years of work experience and my relevant qualifications include leadership on my activities, work focusing on objectives.

As I have lived in different countries,each of them with their particular mix of cultures,  I consider myself capable of interacting and developing on multicultural environment.

I hope that you find my resume suitable for a vacant position. 
Best regards,
Mary Smith
Cellular (123) 4567891 

Cover letter free sample  5:

Dear Human resources Director :

I am replying to your advertisement offering a position as a computer/network engineer. As a recent graduate from Australia University with significance experience on both networks and computers I believe that my backgroung education is appropiate for the position. I also have made several courses as CISCO and LINUX to support my undergraduate education. This position seems ideal for my education, skills and, most important, career interests and I am very enthused on hearing back from you. 

My main interest lies in networking and programming as a whole, I have knowledge on databases, programming, network management and hardware. My mathematical knowledge is impressive and I am also very familiar with AUTOCAD, Microsoft Office and NetBeans. 

My matching qualifications are as follows: 
• Bachelor of Computer Science
• CISCO CCNA 1 and 2 certificates
• Advanced TCP/IP Network Theory and Design
• Experience in Network Design and Management, Databases Management and JAVA Programming.
• Strong Technical knowledge in network architecture and databases structures
• Strong technical skills with in depth knowledge of data networking and networking protocols
• Strong Technical knowledge in JAVA and BASIC programming
• Advanced mathematical skills 

I am confident that through these skills I can make a great contribution to your company. I would be very interested in discussing this opportunity with you further. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration. 


Tim Robinson
Systems engineer
Cellular (123) 4567891 

Cover letter free sample  6:
Dear Sirs, Human Resources.:
Good morning!

I am very interested on working on your great company and continue  my professional development. I have attached my resume and picture. Please let me know if you need copies of letters of recommendation, university certificate and GPA proof, or any other paperwork.   

 Besides the information included in the curriculum, I am currently about to finish a certification in Business Analyst (a certificate registered by the International Institute of Business Analysis), aligned with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK)
For any further information, you can reach me at the number in the resume or the one included on this e-mail.
Thank you,

Tony Mc. Clain
Cellular (123) 4567891 
Tony Mc.

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