Last modified 01/25/2024

How to elaborate a curriculum vitae to apply for a job in the United States of America?

writing-resumeThe presentation of the resume or curriculum goes according to the redaction standards pointed out, will make possible making a brief description of the applier and make the employer interested.

After getting the attention of the employer through the presentation or cover letter, the next phase is to present the resume or curriculum attractive enough to be able to convince the employer to interview us.

To do this, it is necessary to understand that as long as it is short and concise, as you can see from its name, the better; this is because it is ideal that it will not be longer than a page, even though, when the working experience or accomplishments need to be highlighted, even two pages can be accepted. The important is to tell the employer, in a few lines, who are we as a person and as a worker.

The resume or curriculum must be presented in English. Been a completely different reality, you will have to use any of the format models that are in web sites that work as employment markets.

One of the aspects that must be highlighted is the working experience, in which we must mention the job position and the company we work for and, also, the achievements we accomplished in the development of our function.

Regarding the academic history, as well as in the experience, the achievements, been in the first third, the first fifth, etc., or participating in events and projects organized by your university or college, must be highlighted.

Unlike the resumes or curriculums of your countries of origin, here, you have to highlight your abilities (skills) which, in synthesis, is what you know how to do and what you like doing.

In the resume or curriculum you must not state your age, civil state, or any picture.

A basic scheme will be the following:

• Personal data: names and last names, address direction, city, zip code, phone number.
• Appliance objective: point out the position you are applying for.
• Aptitudes and abilities that you need to stand out, such as knowledge of other languages and computers, associations or social clubs to which you belong, driver’s license or to operate vehicles or machinery, hobbies.
• Working experience: developed job positions, dates, from the latest one to the most recent one. If you need to highlight achievements, do it on another page.
• Academic record: state the level reached and the specializations accomplished in function of the position you are applying for.
• Working references: you indicate that you are at the employer’s disposal whenever he or she considers necessary.


The redaction of a resume o curriculum must be with short phrases which does not exceed from a line, and you should never write in first person, meaning that you should not refer to yourself using the word “I”.

The resume, regarding its presentation, must be spotless, meaning that it should not have any stain, correction or erased parts. This is why it is advised to type it in the computer rather than hand writing it.

Summing up, elaborating a “resume” or curriculum vitae has to be done according to the preexistent models, which can be found in web sites and that are characterized for been brief (one page) and concise (short phrases), because it encloses the reflection of who we are as persons and workers, in a way in which it allows the potential employer to feel attracted and call us for a personal interview.

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