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One of the consequences of the Internet is that it has reduced distances and now it is possible to perform many activities no matter where we are, within these we find online careers.
The only thing you need is a computer with a good internet connection, the time and desire to pursue and complete a professional career.
It is true that a large part of the curricula stipulate some costs but there are several that are offered for free. In this article we will tell you where you can pursue professional education through Internet for free.
On this page you can enroll in courses which have been designed by the best universities of USA. Here you will find a lot of options for you to complement your studies and acquire the most knowledge. Among the courses that you can take are:
Electricity and magnetism.
Structural elements.
Statistics. (Basics)
Graphic Design. (Basics)
Circuits and electronics.
These courses are conducted by recognized institutions like MIT or Harvard University. All you need to enroll in then is a good computer with Internet access. To learn more about the courses supported enter the webpage at:
Stanford University
The educational program created by Stanford University seeks to generate significant contributions to global education system through online programs at no cost. If you want a professional career that has links with engineering, you will find the programs at Stanford University the best proposal. Among the programs offered you can find:
Computing. (Basics)
Artificial Intelligence.
Linear Systems and Optimization
Additional courses in engineering.
For the description of these courses and to receive additional information you can enter the following address
University of California – Berkeley
The University of California – Berkeley has implemented a revolutionary system with video lectures on YouTube. This way you can find videos of classes in every career taught in this university and at no charge. This is not part of a formal curriculum, however it will be very useful if you are pursuing a career or want to acquire some knowledge. Use the following link to access a list of videos:
Aula fácil
It is a very good proposal for you to get professional education for free and completely online. Just select the desired field of study and you will have access to all kinds of materials. Through this page you can take computer courses, economics, physics, etc. They also count with courses for learning foreign languages through their system. For additional information you can enter the page
Do not forget that these are just some of the major sites where you can find free education online. Do not forget that before you begin your studies you will need the necessary time available besides the wish to finish them. Additionally you need a good computer, have a domain of office software as well as the English language.
Although with these careers you will not be able to apply for a title, they will be helpful in the professional field.
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