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Your resume is a key document in the search for a job as it allows prospective employers to know the candidates that come closest to the desired profile for the position.
Among the information that we put on the resume, beyond our personal data, are the goals we have in work as they describe what will be our motivation to get the job available by which we will develop in the company we aspire to work at.
To write your career goals you have to consider the company you are sending your resume to, the position to which you aspire and the requirements the company is asking for, since setting objectives that are directly related to the profile sought by the company will give you a good chance of being called for an interview.
If you want additional information then search the website of the company and its study their company carefully.
You also have to keep in mind that the objectives you will set should provide a description of your goals at long term and the direct action you will take to achieve them. Yet you should try to make a very brief description, imagine as if you already had the job, what do you expect to get in this company?
Here we offer you a list of some tips that will be very useful for you to write your career goals in your resume. Keep them in mind and you will see that you should do fine.
First: If you have in mind setting several goals, choose the two most important ones and that you think to perform in the long term.
Second: Place the ones involving a profit or a contribution to the company.
Third: Describe very briefly your goals.
Fourth: As far as possible do not write the things you have achieved but what you hope to get to by working for the company.
Fifth: If you plan to use the name of your profession as a part of your goals, use it just to describe them.
Sixth: If you want to make racing line and run for office in particular should speak directly.
Seventh: Be realistic, do not write things that are impossible to achieve in order to impress.
Eighth: It is optional if you decide to write why you have set your goals.
Finally we give you two examples of work goals to add to your CV, so you have a more clear idea on how to approach your own goals, and also you can customize them to suit your case.
:: “As a physician I am committed to the health and lives of patients, so my goal is to enhance my experience in order to specialize in the future”
:: “I would like the sales assistant position in this organization as this has been my specialty over the years”.
:: “My main goal is to link myself to an organization that is growing since I like to take on new and interesting challenges”.
Do not forget that the writing of these objectives must be clear and precise so the employer, or personnel evaluator, gets an immediate idea of what your aspirations are.
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