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Do you want to know how to obtain a salary raise ? 

Do not surpass the hierarchy; you better talk directly with the closest boss even if you know that he is not the one who will decide it.

Think about the reason why you really deserve a salary raise. You can support those reason with your achievements and reached goals, you skill or perhaps with your experience. Think about a concrete way and try to make mention of some good examples. You should not wait until your own boss realize the good reason why you deserve a salary raise, because that is not his job

Try to be concrete and make the situation looks like a common event, because doing that, the chances of getting a positive answer may increase considerably.

 You should try to know the politics and the norms to get a pay rise in your own office. Generally, they are shown when the year is almost over and the incomes will be checked out. I mean, try to ask for a salary raise at the right moment so you will not have any obstacles.

Try to practice before talking with your own boss. You should think about all of the possible arguments that he would give you to deny the salary raise and memorize the right answer always being positive.

Study and learn as much as you can to help yourself out and get a better position. Really, study a lot; take advantage of the chance that the same company offers to you. If you take any course, then talk about it with your boss, so he will see that you are a person with many qualities and dreams.

You should let your boss know that you want to go beyond of your current position on the company. You must wonder about what you need to get that salary raise and a better position. Most likely they will tell you to learn English, computer systems and later a master degree etc. then you can ask for some economical support to pay those kinds of courses, so when you finally finish them you own boss will not have any excuse and he will offer you a promotion.

When you take new responsibilities, you will show to your boss that you can develop that work perfectly and the only thing you need is the chance to show you are worthy.

You should do a special researching about how much they pay outside for the job you are already doing at the company, so you can do a better negotiation, when you know about offering and the demanding on the market, then you can have a clearer idea.

You must say the exact amount you want, for example, at least a 20% or if the case is the right then it can be something more. Do not think about say to the boss that he should think about how much he would add to your payment.

You should always talk with a big smile and do not get angry no matter what,if there is no way to convince your boss, then you must keep the good work for a while, I would say over 2 or 3 month, after that time you can talk about it again with him, if he really see that you development is absolutely good, he may imagine that you can quite the company if would not give it to you. Likewise, if you insist too much, he can end up giving it to you for your efforts and not for your respective work.

Finally, if you insist too much, but really too much, and your boos deny the salary raise, saying that it is for the big expenses of the company or other excuses, after all you should consider the option of changing the place to work. 

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