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How to fly the cheapest way ? : 

Actually thanks to the internet, the companies and airlines offer many cheap tickets to travel or also known as “low cost flights”, these are used more often than the traditional airlines. 

On the internet you can find many pages offering a great number of cheap flights to several cities around the U.S.A or even to Europe. So, there are many ways to find the “low cost flights” on the internet, the user just have to fill the necessary data, the original city where the user is, the destination, the date when you will go and when you will comeback and the number of tickets you would like to obtain. 

The “low cost flights” have obtained a great number of clients over the countries of the first level, also known as first world. So, the first company that offered this kind of service was the American company called Pacific Southerwest Airlines, which started to offer these kinds of flights on 1949.

About 40 years later, at the beginning of the 90’s, this way of travelling came to Europe. Since there, all the companies and airlines are trying to low their costs so that way, they can offer to their client a cheaper and easier flight. Actually, some of these companies achieved this hard goal, but other did not. However, the cheaper flights are offered also in places like Asia, Australia, Mexico and Arabia Saudi.  

Actually, these days, the most recognized airlines and companies with low costs of the whole market are: the British airline Easy Jet and the Irish airline called Ryanair. Likewise, the past year, the Irish airline Ryanair, built and founded in 1991, was the one with the biggest number of travellers (57, 5 millions of passengers) 

The principal characteristic the this way of flying is that the cost is really low, for that reason, the service and the tickets are offered through the internet, they used only one kind of airplane, they offer only one kind of class on board and they land on the less polluted airports. 

However, since there appeared many cheap flights (low cost flights) the fight for the victory of these companies and airlines is not only against the traditional airlines but between themselves too. For that reason these companies low cost are trying to change their service adding for example a Class A room on board (also know as First class tickets) and other services like satellite tv. 

Although the low cost flights are different from the traditional flight or regular flights, we should keep on mind that maybe this kind of flights do not offer the luxury and the quality of an expense flight but instead they allow us to reach our destination without any doubt.

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