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Cool tips to make new facebook friends fast :

Although many people think making friends on Facebook is easy, that is not completely true. Unlike other social pages, the Facebook social network was created for exclusive purposes.

It is now a social network open to all public users from around the world, but with certain privacy regulations. So, to make friends in Facebook, unknown people must also agree to be your friends.
This article will be very helpful if you want to make friends quickly in the Facebook social network. Next, we give you some advice to make friends fast. But remember, it all depends on your will and dedication.

We first recommend you look through, edit and update information on your Facebook page. By information we mean profile, photographs and personal data. Your profile photograph must be a good image: upload pictures that show your face, otherwise it would seem you want to hide what you look like. Have a photograph taken with your best face angle if you think you are not attractive. Do not worry; the point if for your photograph to reflect confidence.

Do not use photographs of artists or actor as your profile picture. Do not even think about publishing full-length or half naked photographs; they will not help you, because they will rather demonstrate you are in desperate need for attention.

Your posted personal information must include your full name (first and last names). Do not use nicknames, or you will not get any friends.
In case you or somebody else published unbecoming photographs or comments on your Facebook profile, you had better change your privacy settings so your information is available only for your friends. By keeping your profile private, you will be a mystery or curiosity for people you add or invite to be your friends.

Therefore, our first recommendation regards the contents of your profile (personal information, photographs and comments). We will now talk about your contacts. In order to make friends faster, you must send invitations to all your messenger or chat contacts. Once this is done, you must determine common friends and add them. Only those interested in your profile will accept your friend invitation, and so you will have more friends.

Facebook games such as Cityville and Farmville are another useful way to make friends. Those applications require many players to accumulate points. The only problem with this strategy is that not everybody likes this kind of games and many invitations are rejected automatically.

Our last recommendation to make friends quickly is to create an interesting group with which hundreds of thousands of people might feel identified. There are many groups created to share ideas, preferences and interests, such as: football teams, artist fans and experience, among others.

In conclusion, will and patience are necessary to make more friends on Facebook. Bear in mind that there will be many people not interested in being our friends and so you will be rejected. But this should not be a hindrance to make more and more friends on this social network.

So it is very important to make an attractive and interesting profile, and this is how you will get an enormous group of friends and contact.

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