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email on the company's 1st anniversary to clients,Commercial Letter for Clients Anniversary business letters sample ,email on the company’s 1st anniversary to clients :

If your company or business is close to its first anniversary and you are organizing a special celebration, you must not forget to thank your customers for making your firm grow stronger in the market. In this article we will tell you how to write a commercial letter to your clients on your first anniversary.

Clients are the first who should know about a firm’s anniversary. Thus, most entrepreneurs offer discounts and special offers as their first anniversary’s celebration. An efficient way to promote these benefits for clients, especially in the case of small firms or businesses, is a commercial letter.
Every commercial letter for clients on the first anniversary must be personalized, i.e. it must bear the names of each client. Also, remember a commercial letter is more effective when the sender is the company’s top executive.

Like all commercial letters, it must be written in a company’s headed sheet. A formal, brief and especially friendly language must be used. It is important to know that the main objective of a letter addressed to customers for the first anniversary is to thank the customers’ preference and loyalty to the company, and to offer them a series of benefits, including discounts and special offers.

Every commercial letter must have this structure: opening, body and closing. The opening includes city, date, addressee’s name, address and greeting. The body must mention that the company is on its first anniversary; clients must be thanked for their preference and informed of benefits they may enjoy. The closing must include the sender’s name, position and signature.

Next, we give you a model commercial letter for clients on the first anniversary:

Lima, March 7, 2011
Gustavo Rodas
Av. La Marina 2390
San Miguel

Dear Mr. Rodas
I hereby greet you and thank you for preferring our hotel; otherwise, it would not have been possible to celebrate our first anniversary this month. We want you to know we are excited and satisfied for a successful year, and so we want to celebrate our anniversary with you.

To thank you for your preference, we want to tell you about the benefits our hotel has to offer you. All through March, you will have a 50% discount in all our hotel’s services, and you may also invite a relative or friend, who will have an absolutely free access the same services.

We look forward to your visit soon. I bid you goodbye, but first, on behalf of all El Olivar hotel’s staff, I repeat our thankfulness and our highest regard for you.

Miguel Vargas Medina
Marketing Manager

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