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Every year companies get new clients thanks to their marketing strategies, but they also lose 15% to 30% of their clients. This happens because companies usually neglect their loyal and old clients when they look for more and more new ones. To recover those clients they must use different tactics, and commercial letters are the most effective strategy.

Commercial letters to get clients back must be word processed and printed in a sheet with the company´s letterhead. It may be send to clients by traditional mail or electronic mail, if you have your clients’ email addresses in your database.

The main objective of a commercial letter is to find out the reasons for losing your clients and why they went to a competitor of yours. Once that information is discovered, the company may set up mechanisms and strategies to get former clients back. Some will succeed, others will not.

Winning clients back means winning their trust, preference and loyalty to our products (or services) and company back. When contacting your former clients again, you must keep in touch with them to inform them about their privileges, which include discounts, offers and prizes.

Every commercial letter to get customers back must be addressed to a single client (write the clients’ names). Thus, clients will relate again to your company. The signature, names and position of the company’s top executive must all appear at the end of the letter.

Next, a model commercial letter to get customers back:

Sample letter to get customers back:

Address, phone, email
New York, April 18, 2011

Rose Mendell
Av. California 864
New York

Dear Ms. Mendell:
I greet you and express our concern as you have not been at any of our stores in the last six months. We are used to serving and helping you, but your absence really worries us.

We would like to know the reasons for your distancing. If we have done something wrong or you are disappointed with us, we would appreciate you let us know so we can do something about it. If we are the problem, I promise you we will make everything possible to win back your trust and loyalty.

I will greatly appreciate your letting us know your complaints, suggestions or any inconveniences that might have arisen with our services or workers. Your input is very helpful for our company’s growth.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are still one of our special clients, and so you are still entitled to a special 25% discount on all our products for the next six months.

With no further information for the moment, I leave you now and thank you for your attention. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Jhon Ryan
Management and Marketing Director

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