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The best thing we can do to get a job is to make a resume. The resume should have information that is of interest to the evaluator, so the details of your education level and your training should be emphasized, you should also emphasize the qualities and skills you have and you have to mention the different functions you had in the different places where you worked at, this way the evaluator will be able to see how capable you are for the vacancy. In this article you can read about how to make an outstanding resume.
Usual information
In order to make a resume you have to put the usual information of the job seeking person like the career of the person who is applying for the vacancy, the time that person has been working and their ability to perform at the working center. The resume should be very concise as information will be detailed in the rest of information.
Short Description
Generally this information is placed below the photo of the employee, after the usual information that all resumes have. The resume has to be accurate in all its parts and of course the profile of the person even more, this should be two or three lines long.
Exact notes
In some occasions, a person has studied more than one career, so, in the resume that you are about to prepare, you should only state the career which relates the most with the job vacancy. In case you know any language or possess other knowledge, write it down concisely, as these data goes in the additional information section.
Serious Style
Remember that the way you describe yourself on your resume is how you are communicating, so you must have a formal language that shows all the experience you have acquired on your different jobs using technical words that are related to your career.
Explanation on the type of writing to use
It is recommended that your resume is tidy, so you should use Arial font with size 10, and all must have the same type of writing, otherwise it will look disorganized, your profile should be placed on top and on the center.
Below we show you two examples which can help you develop your profile for your resume:
:: “I am a bachelor in the Administration career and have over five years’ experience managing rural banks in the country and internationally. For all the expertise that I have on the subject, I know that the leadership and the management of personnel go hand by hand in any organization for it to function properly”.
:: “I am a career professional in International Business, and I have specialized in the field of foreign trade. In every company I have worked at I have noticed that opening an area of exports or imports is essential to increase our sales and lower the costs of the company, this way I managed to make medium sized businesses to grow internationally”.
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