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Every one of us have any family or friend that decided to travel to another country for any reason, however we always want to give them some positive words and advices to be guided in their lives. In the past, the only way was write a letter that take too much time to arrive and could pass two things that you get the letter returned or the letter simply gets lost.
With the advance of the technology in the telecommunication sector, we count with the telephone, but in these times still too expensive to make calls to exterior. That’s why in the present with cell phones there is an easy way and comfortable for talk with this person and it’s by text messages.
What is a text message? Well, this is like little letters that you can send by a cell phone to this person loved that is in another country. Today we can pay very few or almost nothing for that service. Don’t doubt that they will arrive in the time that you send to wherever you are, because the net that we have is very wide.
The use of messages is very common like a communication tool in the foreign. However there are some newfangled applications that we could find inside our cell phone or we can get it by internet, with a very affordable price, this is called Whatsapp and by this we can have an extended conversation with this person that is away.
In the other hand, if you have a cell phone with internet, you can communicate with this person by Facebook, Twitter, inter alia.
There exist other innovative systems to can communicate from a social net, this is the “Frangi” and with this you can talk with different person in one only conversation and you also can communicate with each one of the persons that are connected.
Today we can have a special cell phone which is called Blackberry, which have a messenger where all people that have the same cell phone can communicate by this chat for free and unlimitedly. In the other hand, there are an applications that works from modern cell phones, this also serves to have conversations with one or more persons, for example there is: Google Talk, ChatOn and Groupme.
And finally if you don’t have credit or you don’t have a cell phone with these tools or applications before mentioned, you can send these messages by the internet joining to the next web page it’s so easy to do it from your computer and you can send a lot of messages in 24 hours.
With all of these alternatives that we have given to you, you must to communicate now with this person that is away in another country. Come back again to our web page because we will help you in what you are looking of and it will for free.
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