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The life of an inmigrant in CanadaWhat are real chances for immigrant in Canada ?,New immigrants’ assessments of their life in Canada? :

The life of an immigrant is full of difficulties, obstacles and challenges. To adapt to the changes, he or she needs to accept this new reality with a good attitude and great expectations.
Immigrating to Canada has been perhaps the biggest challenge of your life, until now. Your arrival on Canadian soil has meant a great cultural impact on you. Surely, your habits and your way of seeing life is not like the Canadian style at all.

In the following paragraphs, we will try to answer the next question: how is the life of an immigrant in Canada? So we have brought together the unique experiences of different people. Now, please note that the immigration process is individual, which means it is different for each one of us. The information you provide is intended to show you more about what it means to live as an immigrant in Canada.  
The first thing you should know is that, as an Anglo culture, Canadians tend to behave in a reserved manner. This is the first shock Hispanics will be suffering from as they first arrive, since they might comes from a very open social culture and, above all, a very friendly one.  
The absence of family and friends is one of the main reasons that causes sadness in any Hispanic immigrant. Anglo – Canadian culture (Anglo – speaking provinces) are considered to have very sober habits and been quite reserved by Hispanic Americans. In contrast, the French Canadian culture, which can be found in the province of Quebec, is much closer to the Spanish culture. This is due to the influence of Mediterranean and French – language.  
It is crucial, then, that immigrants can overcome all the language barriers. This allows you to link to a company, that despite differences, is prepared to hosted any immigrant as one of its own. As an immigrant, the person will have the benefits of full rights at their disposal of a world – renowned health system and one of the best education systems in the whole wide world. 
It is also important for the immigrant to be aware of the other side of the story. Not everything is so simple. While Canada offers many opportunities, they will not be free of charge. According to recent research, immigrants aged 25 to 54, college educated, have an unemployment rate of 12.1%. In contrast, the rate of Canadian non – immigrant with the same skill level is about a fourth of it, with an approximate of 3%.  
Remember that you will have to compete for a job, and this is not just with other immigrants, but also with people who were born in Canada. That is the most difficult obstacle you must overcome in order to be able to achieve your goals. You will have to work very hard, in order to demonstrate that your skills are valuable for you to develop in different organizations.  
The current economic crisis will change the labor market performance around the world. The opportunities will be reduced and the options will be fought among many candidates. Jean Perrault, president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the current economic conditions will become more compelling the employment situation of immigrants in Canada, which, he says, will impact on family and social affairs.  
The life of an immigrant in Canada is the beginning of many possibilities, accompanied by a series of changes and difficulties. Forget the climate of Canada. The most important thing is to bind themselves to the idiosyncrasies of Canada, as well as a proper job placement. So, your life in Canada will not be a torment, but a whole new horizon.  

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