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Halloween Phrases for My Facebook Wall, halloween status for Facebook, status facebook halloween, halloweenFree Halloween Phrases for My Facebook Wall:

Halloween is one of the most awaited days in the year. It originates in North America and it is a kind of a celebration where the living and the dead mingle for a night.

It is celebrated every October 31 and on that night there are several nightly activities. Bars, discotheques, malls and others open on this night so that everybody can go to celebrate. One of the main traits of Halloween is that most people wear a costume to go to parties or to a public place where there are celebrations on this day.

Therefore young people often dress up as Dracula, mummies or werewolves walking down the streets, or little children asking for candies door to door in exchange for not playing any pranks. Thanks to social networks like Facebook, friends can now send each other messages about this day on their walls. In this article there are some Halloween phrases for your Facebook wall.

Free Halloween Phrases for Facebook:

:: “Cover yourself with a blanket and close your eyes because today all ghosts will go to your house to scare you. Have a horrific Halloween”.
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:: “This Halloween night will be so scary that when it is over you will not fear death, sickness or your mother in law”.
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:: “Do not go out tonight because the moon has told me a werewolf is waiting for you, a vampire wants to drink your blood and your death will make the devil happy. Just kidding. It is only Halloween. Go have fun”.
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:: “If you do not go out to celebrate Halloween today, then our dark side will puncture your skin and will leave your body to torment you forever. Do not let it happen. Go out to dance with witches, gnomes and your monster friends”.
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:: “If you do not go out to have fun and just sit by your window to watch what happens outside, your eyes will drop down by pieces and then I will go stamp on them. It is Halloween, a night of fun”.
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:: “Every minute you spend in front of your monitor will be a minute you spend with the dead on this Halloween night”.
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:: “This Halloween night is perfect to talk with spirits. They can read your mind and make your darkest wishes come true”.
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:: “If a living dead comes in through your door or your window on Halloween night, say my name and you will see him smile and ask you to come along. Do so and we will surely meet in an old cemetery”.
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:: “If you are scared, take my hand. If it is too cold, look into my eyes. If they are too dark, get close to my chest, and if you do not hear my heart beating, run away immediately”.
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We hope these Halloween phrases for your Facebook wall help you scare your contacts a bit and make them smile a lot.

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