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Undoubtedly one of the most difficult times that we face during our working lives are early days in a new job and this is because a new employee does not know his co-workers, do not know where to turn for help and it is a bit tricky to start paying the same rate as others do in the office. The new employee is supercharged whether because you want to please his peers and his superiors but has the fear of making a mistake, that it misleads a bit more if we add the fact that you do not know what your chiefs want from your job.
Everything we have mentioned may affect the development of the new employee, even learning their new roles and their relationships with other team members and they may see it as a negative.
It is up to the company to change this and provide the new employee that feeling of safety and acceptance through which will be integrated in a appropriate way to their new working environment and make the best impression on his colleagues and bosses. Thus the new worker will engage with their work and demonstrate loyalty to the company, giving the best of him to this.
One of the best things you can do as an employer is to introduce the newest member of the family business to his teammates so that they will provide a warm welcome. And one of the simplest options is to do it through a letter of introduction, which will allow others to know the new employee.
In this section we bring you two examples of letter that you can personalize to send to different areas and employees of the company and thus present the new employee. You will see that in this way you will integrate him more fast to the team and present good results.
Free example of an employee presentation letter:
To all the members of our company:
Through this we are pleased to introduce the newest member of our sales, Mr. Gonzalo Ramos, who is in charge of the customer service functions, replacing Juan Perez, who served in that area.
We are confident that Mr. Ramos is an excellent employee and shall fully comply with their obligations as well as five years experience in the sales field will have the support and advice of his new teammates.
The work of Mr. Ramos is an excellent opportunity for all to learn from his experience and for him to learn about us and our organization. For this reason we ask all who can extend a warm welcome so he can integrate to his respective team, do not forget that we are a great family business.
HR area
Free example of an employee presentation letter:
To our valued employees:
The purpose of this letter is to introduce you all to Miss Patricia Correa who will be in charge of receiving calls from our customers in our Call Center. She will be replacing Joan Huaman who has been promoted to the Supervisor Area.
Ms. Correa has extensive experience in various Call Center companies and we are confident that will perform adequately in her new job.
We are delighted for the arrival of a new member of our business team and hope that we can give a good welcome and make you feel part of the team. We know we can learn a lot from her and with our help she will engage in a satisfactory way to their new roles.
Staff Area
You will see that with a letter of introduction, you will create a better environment for the new employee and he or she rapidly will engage the work in forming friendships with fellow area. You can also supplement the presentation with a small meeting in which you can personally present him or her to the team, or you can take him personally to learn about the different areas of the company while is presented to employees.
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