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Nowadays, Germany has one of the best economies in the world. During the last 20 years, Germany has been recognized as a country that is always ahead in technology and science. Due to these facts, many companies in Europe and other parts of the world start business and projects in Germany.
Despite these all good things about Germany, there’s no a standard salary in jobs. Most of the jobs are paid per hour and 6.5 Euros per hour is the lowest fare. This article is about the monthly average salaries in Germany. Here you’ll see some salary averages according to some jobs and professions.
Monthly average salary for part-time jobs
As many countries in the world, most of part time jobs are for young people who is currently studying at college and need to cover their expenses. All kind of jobs are paid per hour in Germany. The average payment fare per hour in part time job is 6.5 Euros.
It could be also lower or higher depending of the workplace; transnational companies pay a little more. The average salary for a part time job in Germany is about 500 Euros. Most of the job positions in part time jobs are for customer service.
Monthly average salary (non professionals)
Factory workers, machinists, freelancers and other similar jobs are considered non professional jobs. The average payment fare per hour for these kinds of jobs is between 7 and 10 Euros. Freelancers in computing could earn a higher salary in Germany. The salary average for these workers is about 1000 and 1200 Euros including taxes. Most of illegal immigrants who work in Germany earn lower salaries working more hours.
Monthly average salary (professionals)
Experienced professionals earn the higher salaries in Germany. It’s important to have a good academic background to get a job in Germany but the salary depends exclusively of the professional experience. Companies prefer professionals who have certified experience in other countries in Europe. Health professional are required in this country.
Nurses, physiotherapists and geriatrics can earn approximately 2500 Euros monthly. Industrial and Mechanic engineers can earn between 3500 and 4000 Euros monthly. Technicians can earn good salaries too. A car mechanic, a carpenter and a technician in serigraphy can earn about 2400 Euros monthly.
These are some of the monthly average salaries in Germany. Some salary averages also depend of the workplace and the city where companies are located.
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