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England is a European country that kept a stable economy in spite of the global economy crisis. This is because England is one of business leaders in Europe and other regions of the world. The economy rise in England has been important for the industrial development. As a result, there are more opening job positions in most of the cities in this country.

England is now the destiny of many people who want to look for better job opportunities, work conditions and fair wages. However, we have to keep in mind the lifestyle in England is more expensive than in other countries in Europe. This article is about the monthly average salaries in England for different kind of jobs.

Part Time Jobs salaries

Part time jobs salaries are relatively low. Most of the employees of this kind of jobs are young people and college students. Part time jobs salaries are paid per hour as well as full time jobs. The payment average per hour is ₤5.

The monthly average salary is between ₤400 and ₤480 working 20 or 24 hours per week. Most of part time jobs are for the customer service area in fast food restaurants, for babysitters and for dog walkers.

Full Time Jobs salaries (non professionals)

As we mention before, payments are per hour for all jobs. In most of the full time jobs, the payment average per hour is ₤6 and ₤8 and the majority of the employees work about 40 hours in a week. As a result, the monthly average salary for a full time job is about ₤1250 and ₤1300 without considering taxes (between 12% and 20%).

So, the monthly average salary will be ₤900. Some of the jobs belong to this category are: factory workers, house painters, plumbers, gardeners, carpenters and handymen.

Full Time Jobs salaries (Technicians and professionals)

Technicians and professionals earn high salaries in England. The most required jobs are the ones who can’t be covered by local employees. Health technicians like nurses and physiotherapists can earn about ₤8 and ₤10 per hour. The monthly average salary is approximately ₤1400. Systems engineers and computing technicians can earn 1₤5 per hour.

The monthly average salary for them is ₤2000. Some of these professionals decide to work more than 8 hours a day, so they can increase their salary average.
The monthly average salaries in England are also according to the industrial productivity and the employees’ academic level.

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